Taste In Music
There are two musical loves in my life:          1) The Beatles           2) Clifford T Ward
Speaker (left)'The Beatles'Speaker (right)

'The Beatles'  -   drawn by me while at school  c.1968
(Shown here in stereo)


I do not intend to write a deal about this 'band' - after all, what can be said about them that has not already been said many times before?  I will just state that in my opinion, concerning their songwriting abilities - not only in producing an abundance of timeless classic songs, but covering such a vast diversity of styles, a trait that eludes many other leading songwriters; and their performance ability, not only in creating a magical sound that has captivated millions the world over, but also in creating sounds, both vocal and instrumental, that are as diverse as their songwriting, this group of musical artists is absolutely without equal!

Having said this, I consider there to be only one musical artist who has the wherewithal to present any serious challenge to the Beatles' supremacy - the English singer/songwriter Clifford T Ward.

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