Well Tested
This is a poem my dad copied down way back in the war years (long before I was a twinkle in his eye!). I've always been fascinated by it and so include it here. It does sound a bit naughty in places, but if you do decide to read it - take heed of Magnus Magnusson's famous words - 'I've started so I'll finish'.

Well Tested

During the blitz at an R.A.F. station,
I first caught a glimpse and what a sensation;
She captured my heart and set it on fire,
Oh when will I meet her and fulfil my desire.  

Our first introduction was out on the field,
My eyes were aglow at the things she concealed.
Her body was slender, I touched it with pride
And yearned for the time I would enter inside.  

I felt her all over, never missing a part,
It's obvious why, I had given my heart.
I felt up beneath her and then her behind,
I Rubbed up against her and she didn't mind.  

I knew I should try her with unbounded zest,
So I opened her up, to give her the test.
I held out my joystick with quivering hand,
Gently pressing it in, the sensation was grand.  

She started to purr with such wondrous delight,
Her body was shaking but I held her tight.
And soon I was moving as fast as I could,
Enjoying the feeling every man should.  

Higher and higher I started to climb,
I was up in the clouds and cared not a dime,
I turned her right over, then on to her side,
And then on her back I once again tried.

Her body was wet from the mist in the air,
She had given her all, what more could she bear?
I swear I have never been more satisfied,
I'd just had a wonderful, most wonderful ride.  

The boys must have envied me trying her out,
But their chance will come, of that there's no doubt.
I've enjoyed it all, it's been ever so grand,
In that four engined bomber of Bomber Command.


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