This poem was written by my dad around November 1994 - shortly after we lost our pet Sheltie 'Whisper'.


Most every person owns a pet,
They idolize and can't forget:
Perhaps a rabbit in a hutch,
One they treasure very much.    

Maybe a parrot who can talk;
A little pup to take a walk;
A tiny goldfish in a bowl,
Still a pet however small.  

A pony or a horse to ride;
A fluffy kitten by your side;
A hamster or a little mouse,
To play and chase around the house.  

A budgie warbling from its heart;
A tortoise whom they'll never part;
A snake that's crawling on the floor;
A guinea pig they all adore.  

Whatever creature is your friend,
Love it dearly to the end:
When it's gone you eyes will cry,
A part of you will surely die.  

I know it's true for I have lost,
And know the sorrow that it cost:
'Whisper' was our sheltie's name,
He lives within our hall of fame.  

Such beauty with a gorgeous coat,
Those who saw him all took note:
A wondrous picture to behold,
Every day as he grew old.  

We couldn't keep him, we wished we could;
His pedigree of Champion blood:
We will remember, we can't forget,
This fluffy dog who was our pet.

So if you have some little fella,
Like Lassie or maybe like Old Yeller,
Love him dearly and please take care,
For one sad day he won't be there.


(Joe Armitage)

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