'Dear Sweetheart'
An Unusual Letter

Here is the letter again; but this time each alternate line has been erased:
Dear sweetheart,

    The great love I have for you is
    false, and I find my indifference towards you
    increasing daily, the more I see of you, the more
    you appear to my eyes as an object to contempt.
    I feel in every way disposed and determined
    to hate you. I can assure you that I never intended
    to love you. The last time we met has
    left an impression on my mind which by no means
    impressed me of the extremely high standard of your character.
    Your temper would make me extremely unhappy.
    If you married me I expect nothing but the
    hatred of my friends, added to the everlasting dis-
    pleasure of living with you. I have indeed a heart
    to bestow, I do not desire to imagine it
    at your service. I could not owe it to anyone more
    inconsistent or incapable than yourself, and be
    capable of doing justice to myself and family
    I think you are aware of the fact that I speak sincerely
    and hope you will favour me by
    avoiding me. You need not trouble yourself about
    answering this letter, as your letters are always full of
    insinuations and sarcasm which further destroys our
    love, and believe me I am your
    disenchanted former love. No longer consider me your

    affectionate sweetheart.

(Author unknown)

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