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Back garden from kitchen window (June 1994)Here's our back-garden, viewed from our kitchen window. There are two more ponds at the top of the garden (6 pics - total 210K) - not visible from this level. I've spent about sixteen years building and altering the ponds/waterfalls to get them to what they are today.

This 'bottom pond' is constructed from a Butyl rubber liner. It is 2' deep and holds around 900 gallons.

(June 1994) 
(The 2nd. chimney from left - background - sits on the dwelling that was once the home of Education Secretary David Blunket MP - my old neighbour!)

The bottom pond - viewed from our bedroom window. Bottom pond from bedroom window (June 1994)

Bottom pond & waterfall (June 1994)My bottom pond and waterfall.

The waterfall is made from natural rock set in mortar and underlined with the same rubber liner as the pond.

Oh! to sit around here on a hot summer's day - listening to the faint trickle of the waterfall; flicking fish-food pellets to the fish which lazily glide in and out of the under-water shade cast by the lily pads; the birds twitter away as they take a bath in the waterfalls at the top of the garden, yet little else stirs - heaven!

Bottom pond - from garden (June 1994)For Water lily buffs: The lily on the distant right is the ever reliable pale yellow Marliacia Chromatella. I love this lily but it can grow somewhat large and overpowering when it gets well established. Near left is James Brydon which produces beautiful rich carmine globular blooms. It is reputedly an abundant flower producer: though it has flowered well for me at times, it does tend to be a bit inconsistent. The small lily, near-centre, is the 'pinky-orange' Indiana. This, like another lily I grow (Aurora) in my top pond, was bred from a semi-tropical species and needs a warmer climate than we have in Britain if it is to flower well. It produces few blooms for me. I might change it for something more free-flowering.

''Woof''     Rusty guarding the fishes from the local pussycats! (Spring 1996).


''Mee-ow''     Local Pussycat


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