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'Snowy', 'Rusty' & 'Whisper' (c. 1990) Here I am with our three dogs - Snowy, Rusty and Whisper. Sadly Snowy and Whisper are no longer with us - Whisper had to go to those great dog kennels in the sky (October 1994), and Snowy melted a few days after this photograph was taken. However, Rusty is still hobbling around - he's getting old now though - fourteen this May (1997) - if he makes it there! 

(He didn't: Rusty died 16 April 1997 aged thirteen years and eleven months).


Photograph taken   8 - December - 1990.


(Well, I got fed up of making snowmen!)

'Snowy' (8 - December - 1990)

Whisper confronts kitten (September 1988) Here, our ferocious, snarling guard dog, Whisper, severely reprimands this sneaky looking intruder (cat-burglar?) who was caught trespassing on our property!  

This photograph was taken in September 1988, and was displayed in The Sunday Times newspaper on 28 October 1990.


Photographed in 1987

Old 'Whis' - I miss him!

Many people refer to our dogs as 'miniature Collies', which, of course, they're not: they are Shetland Sheepdogs. They do, however, bear a striking resemblance to the Rough Collie (or Welsh Collie) - of 'Lassie film' fame, but are much smaller. Both ours were 15" high at the shoulder, which is the show standard for this breed.. Whisper was thirteen years and three months old when he died, which is about the average life-span for these type of dogs.

'Whisper' (1987)

Rusty (Later Addition) 


Photographed in August 1994


Old 'Rus' - now I miss him too!

Whisper & Rusty in snow (+ view) (c. 1986) Whisper & Rusty

This photograph was taken on a field near my home. It is situated in the north of Sheffield, and shows the view to the south-west. 



 Running dog


Meet 'Sparky' - our talking budgie. Sadly, Sparky met a tragic end when, in 1981, he 'taw' a real 'puddy cat', after one accidentally got into our home and took him.

'Sparky' 1976 - 1981

Photographs Copyright © 1999 Michael Armitage

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