Worlds Together 
Mick Armitage

'Worlds Together' Cassette cover.         
 Cover design: Mick Armitage 1996.
 Anne Brontë and myself.
 (Thanks for the pose Anne
                               - I know you wouldn't mind). 

(This compilation 1996)

Mick Armitage

1) Country Boys  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
2) Images  (Mick Armitage)  (lyrics)
3) I Believe, You Believe In Me  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
4) The Dreamer  (Steve Saville)
5) Promise Me You'll Listen  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)  (lyrics)
6) Foolish Pride  (Mick Armitage - Jane Thickett)  (lyrics)
7) The Words Of The Song  (Mick Armitage)
8) Nobody Wins A War  (Mick Armitage)
9) All I Wanna Do  (Mick Armitage)
10) A Broken Heart Will Always Mend  (Mick Armitage)
11) Mr. C.  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
12) Cann's  (Mick Armitage)  (lyrics)

  SIDE 2
1) Tardis (The Gods Of The Universe)  (Stuart & Christine Ward)
2) The Way I Did Before  (Mick Armitage)
3) Whale Jaw Hill  (Guitar solo)  (Mick Armitage)
4) Julie  (Steve Saville)
5) I Believe In You  (Neil Young)
6) The Deeper I Fall  (Mick Armitage)
7) Come On Home  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
8) Bartoven's Sympathy (In 'J' Major) (piano solo)  (Mick Armitage)
9) Over The Hills And Far Away  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
10) Abracadabra  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
11) Be As You Are  (Mick Armitage - Stuart Ward)
12) London, London  (Mick Armitage - Stuart Ward)
13) Lady Of Mine  (Stuart Ward)

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