Rainbow Hill 
Mick Armitage

'Rainbow Hill' Cassette cover.

Cover design: Mick Armitage 1996:  (Myself - 1985. Background: Reiber Castle from 'Heights of Abraham', Matlock).

If life could be groovy, like it was in the movie that we saw last night;
I'd be a king, and you'd be my queen on a horse so white;
Living in a castle on the top of Rainbow Hill,
Looking down on the world spinning 'round while we're both standing still.


Mick Armitage

       SIDE 1

       1) Geordie Girl  (Mick Armitage)
       2) Freedom  (Steve Saville - Mick Armitage)
       3) The Girl I Love  (Mick Armitage)
       4) Julie  (Steve Saville)
       5) Melanie  (Mick Armitage) (1996)
       6) Worlds Apart  (Mick Armitage) (1996)  

       SIDE 2


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