Bits & Bits 1 
Mick Armitage

'Bits & Bits 1' Cassette cover.      
Cover design: Mick Armitage 1996.
Me - 1976

Mick Armitage

1) And The Wedding Bells Rang Loud  (Mick Armitage)
2) Janet  (Mick Armitage)
3) Living Happily Together  (piano solo)  (Mick Armitage)
4) Baby, Baby!  (Mick Armitage - Sean Connealy)
5) Goodbye My Friend  (Mick Armitage)
6) You're Making A Fool Out Of Me  (Mick Armitage)
7) I Saw the Soldiers Marching  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)  

1) I'm Losing You  (Mick Armitage - Sean Connealy)
2) Sean Can Nearly Play Piano  (Mick Armitage - Sean Connealy)
3) Caribbean Tide  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
4) Bits And Bits  (Mick Armitage)
5) One Morning In May  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
6) Hey Saturday Blues  (Mick Armitage)
7) Holiday In The Snow  (Mick Armitage)


Mick Armitage       (Cover design: As 'Bits & Bits 1')

1) Goodbye My Friend  (Mick Armitage)
2) Hot Summers Day  (piano solo)  (Mick Armitage)
3) Only Trying To Be  (Mick Armitage)
4) Boomerang  (piano solo)  (Mick Armitage)
5) When I Get Through  (Mick Armitage)
6) Telescope  (Mick Armitage)
7) Mr. C.   (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
8) Valley Of Love  (Mick Armitage - Maureen McClaughlin)
9) Please, Don't Let Me Down  (Mick Armitage)
10) Hey Jude  (Lennon - McCartney)

1) You Know You Said You'd Write (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
2) Neon Lights  (Steve Saville)
3) Living In A Dream  (Practice)  (Mick Armitage - Jane Thickett)
4) Wake Up You Sleepyhead  (Mick Armitage)
5) If You're Gonna Leave Me  (Mick Armitage)
6) Every Day's a Walk In The Park  (Mick Armitage)
7) Everyone Walks Past Me  (Mick Armitage)
8) Christmas Time To Come  (Mick Armitage)
9) Marilyn  (Mick Armitage)
10) Say When  (Mick Armitage)
11) What Is It I Like About You?  (Mick Armitage)
12) Take Yourself Back  (Mick Armitage)
13) Country Boys  (Mick Armitage - Steve Saville)
14) Maureen (thinks she's a queen)   (Mick Armitage)
15) Sad Old Sam  (Mick Armitage)
16) Street Lights Fade Away  (Mick Armitage)
17) Daylight Fades - Sunset Shades  (Mick Armitage)
18) Beautiful  (piano solo)  (Mick Armitage)
19) Walkin'  (Mick Armitage)
20) Days  (Mick Armitage)
21) Why Wait Until The Summer Comes  (Mick Armitage)
22) Fred Crane  (Mick Armitage)
23) Sister Of Mine  (Mick Armitage)

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