The New House
A newly married couple went to buy a house in the country. Having seen one they liked, they decided to buy it. When they had left the house, the girl suddenly thought of something missing, and said to her husband "John, I do not remember seeing a W.C. in the house". As he did not remember seeing one either, they decided to write to someone in the neighbourhood. As they new no one who lived close to the new house, they decided to write to the vicar of the Parish, asking him if he would be good enough to look at the house for them, and let them know where the W.C. was.

The Vicar (a man greatly interested in the working together of the Established Church and the Free Churches) did not recognise the term - W.C., and naturally thought the enquiry referred to the Wesleyan Church, and their surprise can be imagined when they received the following letter:-

"Dear Friends,

I regret the delay in answering your letter but the nearest W.C. in the Parish is seven miles away from the house. This is rather unfortunate if you are in the habit of going regularly, but you will be glad to know that a good number of people take their lunch with them and make a day of it. By the way, it is made to seat 300 and the Council have decided to install plush seats to ensure great comfort. The last time my wife went was some ten years ago, and she had to stand all the time. There are special arrangements for young ladies presided over by the minister, who gives them all the assistance in his power. The children all sit together, and sing during the ceremonies. Hoping that the above information will be of some use to you.

I remain etc., "

P. S. Hymn sheets are provided and are found hanging on the door.

(Author unknown)

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