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Tuesday, 20. March 2018 13:17
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Keith Bissex
Monday, 5. August 2013 20:43  Write a comment Send E-mail

Clifford T Ward was one of our very greatest singer-songwriters and arguably a musical genius, although I'm not sure that his brilliance was fully appreciated during his all-too-short lifetime. I doubt he would have seen it that way, being (one suspects) far too modest and self-effacing to award himself such accolades. His music and lyrics are as beautiful and as relevant today as they ever were, and still have the ability to move one to tears and their messages made all the more poignant by his tragic and untimely demise. He has left us a wonderful musical legacy, however, and will long be remembered with affection for his unique contribution to the contemporary music scene. May he rest in peace and never to be forgotten and confident in the knowledge that he lives on in that music and those heart-rending words, through his recordings, enriching the lives of the many who continue to listen to him, and those who discover him anew. Those who have yet to discover him, have a treat in store. Thank you Cliff for all that your songs have meant (and continue to mean) to me, as I approach the old age that you never had the opportunity to enjoy. When I am gone, I will soon be forgotten but not you. Time, the magician, played a few old tricks on us ..."

Keith Bissex.

Lovely words, Keith. Thanks for posting. . . . Mick.
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Gary Turner  
Tuesday, 9. October 2012 11:36  Write a comment

Hi, my name is Gary Turner I live in Jersey the Channel Islands, born in Birmingham, music is in my family, now I live here his music and songwriting is on par or better than Paul McCartney, when I play Home Thoughts it takes me to Worcestshire I wish the BBC would do a tribute to him, as my brother worked on globe theatre with Sam Wanamaker, and Shakesphere is part of our family. Clifford's words touch the inner parts of your soul a Shakesphere of words, a truly sad loss.

5 October 2012
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Thelma Atkins
Friday, 8. June 2012 23:27  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Mike

My husband, Alan and I attended several of the Clifford T Ward annual conventions until we moved to Devon. At them I was able to purchase lots of items including one of the portraits of Clifford for Alan.

Alan always holds dear that he got to meet Clifford and his signature before he died and the photograph I was able to take – he also recorded several items at the conventions.

He has just been looking at an old video he purchased around that time called “Clifford T Ward – The Video”. It was a three hour video with 13 items on it.

Cliff on TV
The Old Grey Whistle Test 1973
Top of The Pops 1974
Interview by Tony Jasper
Midlands Today TV
Interview featuring Justin Heyward
Pebble Mill
The Late Show
Irish TV Show
Castlebar Song Contest – Irish TV
The Annual Convention 1993
Midlands TV
The Annual Convention 1994

Unfortunately it has deterated and I was looking on the site to see if there were any more for sale or if any had been updated to DVD. I cant actually find anything under the merchandise part of the site.

Also, do the conventions still happen? There are no dates to know when the last entery was, is the membership club still happening? If so I will “join” Alan again.

Can you help please?

Kind regards

Thelma Atkins

Hi Thelma: Thanks for your message. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any remaining, official, sources of CTW memorabillia. The best I can suggest is that you contact the fan club. They may be able to help. There are several contact addresses on their site - here:

Regards, Mick.
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Ian M.Bromley
Jersey (Channel Islands)
Monday, 14. November 2011 16:22  Write a comment Send E-mail

Good afternoon,

It was the Jack Jones recording of Home Thoughts that introduced me to CTW many years ago, on his album What I Did For Love. At this recent time of remembrance I heard 'A Day To Myself' again, it was part of a 2-hour BBC Jersey radio broadcast, here in Jersey at the local Methodist church's music evening, a wonderful mix of classics for the occasion and suddenly there was CTW, preceded by poetry and followed by 'Nimrod' no less, also by a fairly well known Worcestershire composer!

They say the good die young, and CTW is no exception, thank you for this website.

Ian M.Bromley

Thanks for your comments, Ian. (P.S: We've holidayed in Jersey for the last 5 years - lovely island - seems you've got good taste in music too! ;^) )

Regards, Mick.
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Philip Hales
Sittingbourne, Kent
Thursday, 10. November 2011 16:05  Write a comment Send E-mail

Bought all the Albums, but never got a chance to see live. Been a fan since 1973!!

Best Regards/Mit freundlichen Gren/Venlig hilsen


Mick Armitage:
Thanks for your comments, Philip. Unfortunately, few of us got the chance to see him perform live. That would have been some experience!

Regards, Mick.
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Derek Wales
Surrey, England
Thursday, 10. February 2011 13:32  Write a comment Send E-mail


The music lives on!

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Derek Wales
Monday, 20. December 2010 11:54  Write a comment Send E-mail

Thinking of Cliff and his music today. Nine years past but the music lives on.

We miss you Cliff.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you Mick & all CTW fans all over the world.


Thanks, Dell: same from me!
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Stephen Hatton  
Perth, Australia
Tuesday, 7. September 2010 12:34  Write a comment

I have found renewed interest in Cliff's works and have enjoyed listening to some of his songs again after only really remembering some of the tunes from a small boy visiting him, and growing up in Kidderminster. I hope that Aunt Pat is well and perhaps reads this, as I now live in Perth Australia.

Best wishes,

Steve Hatton
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David Johnson
Monday, 15. March 2010 10:18  Write a comment Send E-mail

Just to announce that two new Clifford T. Ward CDs are available (release date 22 March 2010).

They are MANTLE PIECES with 2 bonus tracks and ESCALATOR with 1 bonus track.

Both were mastered from the original first generation master tapes at EMI Abbey Road Studios.

They can be bought direct from CHERRY RED RECORDS and are their 8th and 9th CTW releases!

If you buy any 5 Cherry Red CDs the cost is only 7 each at the moment but it is best to go to their website to check.

Happy Listening!

David Johnson.

Thanks for the info, Dave:

To find the albums on Cherry Red web site do a Google search for 'Cherry Red Clifford T Ward'.
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Dave Kitchen
Friday, 13. November 2009 12:40  Write a comment Send E-mail

Just been listening to Home Thoughts From Abroad. First time I have played it in ages. Takes me back to my adolescence.
What a talent.

Giving me great pleasure.

Kind regards,

Dave Kitchen
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Tim Morgan
Thursday, 29. October 2009 21:32  Write a comment Send E-mail


First of all, congratulations, what a great website, helping to keep the music of the brilliant CTW available. And I agree so much with your 12 out of 10 score for Home Thoughts a truly brilliant album.

Also, I can confirm that the photo of CTW does indeed date from 1986 I have a copy, and it was included in the Press Kit issued with Some Time Next Year.

Keep up the good work!

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Eric Patrick
Friday, 11. September 2009 22:48  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Michael

I have enjoyed browsing your excellent web site and listening to clips of Clifford T Wards lyrics and music "The Best is yet to come" is a beautiful song that was aired on Radio 2 recently by Terry Wogan who commented likewise after it was played.
I read that CTW had M.S.and died from pneumonia in 2001 this was the year that my son was diagnosed with MS.

I will be adding his albums to my music collection shortly.

All the Best

Eric T Patrick

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Adrian Whittaker
Saturday, 1. August 2009 17:07  Write a comment Send E-mail

Just been sharing some of Cliff's great songs with my new wife Lena. She thinks they are wonderful.

Cliff wrote some of the best songs I have ever heard, his memory will live on.

Adrian Whittaker. Manchester 21/07/09
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Robin Ellwood
Darlington, England
Monday, 22. June 2009 20:12  Write a comment Send E-mail

I have always been a fan of Clifford's music and as a radio DJ I would play his songs whenever I could. A truly wonderful lyricist who never truly received the recognition he should have, but at least we have his CDs, etc., to remember him by. I would have loved to have seen him in concert.

If anyone is interested Spotify has just the one album of Clifford's Clifford T Ward Gaye And Other Stories.

Thank you to the web site owner for this brilliant tribute to Clifford.

ROBIN ELLWOOD in Darlington, England
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John Matthews
Wednesday, 4. March 2009 03:31  Write a comment Send E-mail

I have enjoyed clifford's beautiful songs today on youtube. Even after 35 years they still hold a place in my heart. Very sad to learn of his death in 2001. My best wishes to his family and fans.
John Matthews.
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Derek Wales
Surrey, UK
Sunday, 15. February 2009 23:08  Write a comment Send E-mail

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLIFF! Thinking of you and your music on this special day.

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Derek Wales
Surrey, UK
Tuesday, 23. December 2008 16:58  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Mick,

Just to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year.
Keep up the good work, your site is second to none!


Thanks, Del. All the best to yourself, too.
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Derek Wales
Surrey, England
Thursday, 18. December 2008 13:26  Write a comment Send E-mail

Thinking of you Cliff on this special day.
Your music is still in our hearts.

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Les Preece
North Cyprus
Thursday, 20. November 2008 02:41  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi I would like to say that I have been a CTW. fan since I heard a very rare interview on BBC HEREFORD AND WORCESTER along time ago with DJ. Nonny James. It was very harroring, because that day Cliff was HAVING A BAD ONE, FINDING IT HARD TO SPEAK. He was taken to the studio by ? Davey, forgot his name! I rang Nonny up afterwards for a copy off the transcript, but she told me that she did not keep them, pity. cos it was very moving!
My other coincidence is that later in Cliffs life I went to live at Ivy Cottage Penrhos, a stones throw away from Casle Weir, where of course he lived and visited the Royal George!! from time to time. My next door neighbour - John Fowler, a plummer fixed Cliffs plumming a few times, is that part of the lyrics from Home thoughts from Abroad I ask myself??
I now am living in North Cyprus, but stil listen to the 16 CDs. of cliffs that i have, do you know all of them Mick? I wonder!
Best Wishes and keep up the good web site
Yours aye.
Les Preece.
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Danny Foxwell
Biggleswade , Bedfordshire
Monday, 22. September 2008 16:33  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Mick... Sad to see the Official CTW website is down.
My first introduction to Cliff`s music was one lunchtime in the mid 80`s when I was watching` Pebble Mill At One`.
The presenter introduced Clifford T Ward singing `Contrary` and on came this quirky, awkward looking guy with a beautiful voice and a beautiful melody. I was intrigued and needed to hear more. The following weekend I went straight to HMV, Oxford st and bought Homethoughts and Mantle pieces. The rest is history.
Cliff`s music brings me so much pleasure. I play it whatever mood I`m in and it seems to fit my every mood.
Best wishes
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Martin Tracey
Monday, 22. September 2008 16:31  Write a comment Send E-mail

I had the great privilege of meeting Clifford for a short time in the late 90's but sadly I never really discovered his music until after he left us. I found him to be a genuine and absorbing man and would love to have the time over with him again now I know more about his music. I discovered him on "you tube" recently quite by accident and then I purchased his "Gaye and other Stories" album and I am currently reading "Bittersweet". I simply find his music extremely inspirational -in particular Gaye (of course), A day to Myself and "Home thoughts from abroad". I am really glad that I had the opportunity to meet him and can still listen to his gift of song.
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Vernica Gandini
Wednesday, 27. August 2008 13:05  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi to everybody,

Im Argentinean; I live in Argentina and really apologize for my English. I heard of Clifford a week ago, when I asked my boyfriend to pick a lovely song to dance in our wedding. Hes British and lives in the UK and he chose HOME THOUGHTS FROM ABROAD and if you pay attention to the lyrics, they suit really well to the distance situation. I find the song not only sweet and deep, but very appropriate.

Congratulation Mick for this website!!! and I hope I can learn more about CTW

Best wishes to all.
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Gary Earey
Essex Uk
Monday, 7. July 2008 12:06  Write a comment Send E-mail

Very sad to hear that Clifford died, he was truly a wonderful person, I never really forgot his songs, I had the chance to buy one of his old albums, brought back so many memories to me. He never really got the credit he deserved. RIP Dear Clifford.
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Friday, 6. June 2008 12:35  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Mick,

thank you so much for this website!

I heard CTW for the first time yesterday - I was listening to an Internet radio station (I never ever heard a CTW-song on a German radio station - shame on them) and on that station they played "Home Thoughts".
I wrote down the name and title and spent the rest of the evening till half past one in the morning on Youtube, this website and others related to this great singer/songwriter. I ordered two CDs plus the biography and can't wait till they arrive. That's not what normally occurs to me - he is exceptional!

Sometimes his voice reminds me of Brian May or rather vice versa. Also there is an American (rather unknown - I fear) singer/songwriter named Al Petrone whose voice reminds me of CTW as well. Does anybody know Al Petrone?

Kind regards

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Trevor Phipps
Wolverly, Kidderminster
Tuesday, 13. May 2008 12:18  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Mick

Clifford T Ward fan for many years and just decided to google him him today to refresh me of the classic stuff that he did.
Moved back to Kidderminster a couple of years ago, having lived and discovered him there when we first got married in 1972. I recently re discovered his music having bought his CD "Gaye and other stories."
Timeless classics from a superb singer songwriter to whom I never had the privelidge of seeing live.
Power to your elbow Mick in keeping his music and memory very much alive.

I would like to purchase more CD stuff. Can you you offer some guidance ?

Trevor Phipps
Wolverley, Kidderminster

Hi Trevor:

Thanks for your comments.

The best source for CTW CDs is the fan club - they should be able to supply most of the stuff Cliff ever recorded. Please visit their web site here:

Regards, Mick.
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