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Friday, 19. January 2018 03:18
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Alan Thurkettle
Thursday, 23. February 2006 21:24  Write a comment Send E-mail

Thanks Clifford for sharing all your wonderful talent.

Thankyou Mick for a place for fans to express appreciation

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peter evans
burton upon trent. england
Thursday, 23. February 2006 17:45  Write a comment Send E-mail

I've been a fan of Clifford since 1973 but I didnt realise how many of his songs I hadnt heard. I have just bought 3 new CD's with so many new brilliant songs on them. If you are like me and only new his first 3 or 4 albums it really is worth listening to the latest compilations, and 'both of us' from 1983.
Now some of my favourites include 'Climate of her favour' 'lost again' 'before the world was round' and one that really had me in tears was 'lullaby'.
The power of his songs remain undiminished in fact I love them more than ever before.
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Raul Di Sergi Baylão  
Brasília - Brasil
Saturday, 18. February 2006 02:12  Write a comment

Listening "Gaye" is to live again some old and good times, remembering old friends and lovers. His music is part of my live.
Thank you Cliff.
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juan fontoira
o grove -pontevedra-españa-
Friday, 17. February 2006 08:35  Write a comment Send E-mail

me transportas al campo,a la ternura,tambien a mi infancia.quizas sin tu saberlo has abierto una puerta de recuerdos y situaciones agradbles,bucolicas.te doy las gracias por tu musica y siento tu muerte
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Breda Martin
Cork Ireland
Tuesday, 14. February 2006 16:27  Write a comment Send E-mail

Got a valentines day present today of your Album 'home thoughts from abroad' playing it none stop...reminds me of my youth. What a beautiful voice. 'Gaye' is just a song from heaven. Thank you....
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Derek Wales
Surrey. England.
Friday, 10. February 2006 07:25  Write a comment Send E-mail

10th February - Happy Birthday Cliff.
I am sure you are looking down on all the CTW fans who are still enjoying the wonderful legacy of music that you left us. The music will always be there and the fans will always be there.
God bless you Cliff.
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sergio capozzi  
Wednesday, 8. February 2006 23:03  Write a comment

A fantastic site to remember a hero, a poet from my youth. Goodbye, Cliff.
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david holborow
swansea uk
Sunday, 5. February 2006 19:43  Write a comment Send E-mail

good to hear that wonderful voice again. i can remember growing up with ctw's albums which my elder brother would play while reevising for his exams.still get emotional when listening to his magical voice.he did not get the recognision he deserved or the fair chance of life.god bless you.
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Peter Torgersson
Göteborg, Sweden
Tuesday, 17. January 2006 17:13  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi CTW-lovers wherever you are!

In Sweden we appreciate Good Music and I just want to remind you all that Cliff´s songs and music lives in Sweden.

Cliff´s fantastic music will live forever and he will not be forgotten, on the contrary it will make him even bigger through the coming years.

I love his sentsitive pop ballads with its origin sounds and harmonies; the lyrics are also deep and contains a lot of important thoughts.

My best regards to his family and all
fans all over the world.

Peter Torgersson
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