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Friday, 19. January 2018 03:23
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Jennifer Lee
Cheshire, UK
Monday, 23. October 2006 15:33  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi. I've only just discovered the beautiful music of CTW…via my hairdresser!
Better late than never and I'm off to buy the first cd of his that I can find.

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Michael Trottier
Kent, UK
Sunday, 22. October 2006 23:12  Write a comment Send E-mail

I am a great fan of Cliff's and currently belong to The Friends of Clifford T Ward.
Cliff was and yes still is one of this country's most underated singer/songwriters /
Love to hear from fans about their fav Cliff song........
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Stuart Jackson
Eckington, North Derbyshire
Sunday, 22. October 2006 04:36  Write a comment Send E-mail

Had a few problems getting onto here of late Mick, hope you are keeping well. I used to visit this site some years ago to meet and greet CTW fans before the 'official' website started, and the site has stood the test of time well - do keep up the good work.

I simply happen to love the music, and want to keep alive the memory, of arguably one of this countries finest singer/songwriters.

peace and light to all,

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Derek Wales
Walton on Thames, Surrey
Friday, 20. October 2006 10:20  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hey, Is there anybody out there ?
Things are quiet on here.
Best wishes to all true CTW fans.
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Brian Smith
Letchworth, Herts, UK
Friday, 20. October 2006 10:18  Write a comment Send E-mail

Still listening to Home Thoughts, would like copy of Mantle Pieces on CD.
Will never tire of CTW, the guy was (is) a genius!!
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Derek Wales
Surrey, England
Friday, 20. October 2006 10:16  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi All,

Thought I would just pop in and say hello as its a bit quiet on here. Hope you are well Mick !

Been a bit busy lately what with hols and few other problems so have not been in touch but still listening to CTW ! Hope to see a few postings by the regulars back on here soon.

Best wishes to all CTW fans
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Stanley Jackson
Tuesday, 25. July 2006 11:23  Write a comment Send E-mail

What a great and interesting site ..... just a pleasure to view .. to miss it would be a sin .. my best wishes ....... Stanley Jackson.
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P M Wong
Hong Kong
Monday, 24. July 2006 12:27  Write a comment Send E-mail

Youtube seems the best place to share rare and great stuff.
I have made a slide show of awesome photos, and together with
the haunting "The Best is Yet to Come" in the background, perhaps it would bring others to this best kept secret of the English singer/songwriter

For CTW fans here, what would you feel when you watch this (turn your PC speakers loud)

Pui (from a stormy hot summer afternoon in Hong Kong)

An excellent clip, Pui! I hope many view it.
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Keith Finney
Thursday, 13. July 2006 02:10  Write a comment Send E-mail

Just a few words to echo Derek Wales's comments (below).
Al Hodge was a musicians musician, hardly known in this country except in his beloved Cornwall where he was a legend, but other guitarists certainly knew of him! he worked with a lot of well known artists in his time including Elkie Brookes and Leo Sayer to name only two, and wrote music for his own albums, and music scores by the dozen for the BBC and locally, Al worked with 'CLIFFORD T WARD' in the late seventies at the Sawmill Studios in Cornwall and completed tracks for the 'NEW ENGLAND DAYS' album including the famous one Derek mentioned, plus 'TAKING THE LONG WAY ROUND' and others, he gigged locally to packed house's for years, and my only regret was never seeing him play, i was looking forward to that in June this year while holidaying in the area, now it will never happen, Al Hodge was not only a great musician, but an extemely brave man who even as the illness was taking hold, was still planning his coming gigs for this year and could not wait to pick up his guitar and play for us all, what a player! what a man! what a gentleman! they don't make many like Big AL! so along with his other band members who knew him so well, his many friends and fans in Cornwall, Britain and abroad, FAREWELL BIG AL!! GEDDON! wer'e are going to miss Ya!

Keith Finney.
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Derek Wales
Walton on Thames, England
Tuesday, 11. July 2006 10:31  Write a comment Send E-mail

Derek Wales
Walton on Thames

It is with real sadness that today I heard that the great "Al Hodge" has passed away. Although I never had the privilege of meeting him he was a real gentleman and a fine musician.
He always answered my emails and was a very modest person despite his amazing talent. He will be greatly missed by lovers of good music. His fantastic guitar solo on Cliff's "Before The World Was Round" will remain one of my all time favorites.
God bless Al

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Stuart Jackson
Eckington (Nr. Sheffield)
Thursday, 22. June 2006 13:50  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Keith, glad to have you and family returned safely from the wilds of Devon. Glad you have had a good time my friend. Did your granddaughter accompany you by any chance, or are you now making up for lost time with her ? It sounds like you have managed to find some decent old records while foraging about! My vinyl collection is meagre by comparison I am sure, but there are a few 'treasures' in amongst them. I do however take a special care with my CTW vinyls, in fact I am currently on the look out for a replacement record player. My old one has finally given up the ghost after very many years of faithful service. I quite like the idea of getting one of these reproduction cabinet record players you see advertised, this would bring back many happy memories of childhood. My dad used to like listening to Vera Lynn, Nat King Cole, Ronnie Hilton etc on the one we had back then. I think he would have appreciated some of Cliff's songs you know. Anyway, take care of yourself and those you love Keith. Do keep in touch my friend.

best regards,


ps: I have tried getting some of the poetry published Keith, and did have a couple printed some years ago in the local paper. It is however very difficult unless you can stump up some money for the first print run. Publishers do not like to gamble on poetry, it is a very difficult market for them. Thank you for the kind comments.
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Keith Finney
Tuesday, 20. June 2006 09:28  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Stuart,
Just got back from sunny Devon, had a great time! how are things with you mt friend? get that poetry into print my friend and stop hiding that peace and light under a bushel! a rare talent indeed!
As (music and a great musician) bring us all together on these pages, and me being an avid vinyl collecter can i just say that while in Devon i visited 3 great car boot sales and picked up some excellent albums from the past, just playing a Don Williams 30 tracks one now! all for the princely sum of £2- none of Cliffords i'm glad to say! much too rare! and collectable! - in my eyes Clifford T Ward will remain up there with the greats, geat songs last forever, even in car boots, end of pier stalls, attics, and jumble sales, there will always be someone like me seeking them out! so to all the great music makers-play on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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stuart jackson
north derbyshire
Thursday, 15. June 2006 07:19  Write a comment Send E-mail

Cheers Derek, nice to hear from you again. We had a little holiday ourselves week before last 'up north'. Very enjoyable too. Took our grandaughter with us (almost 13 now), and realised that we should also have brought a friend for her. She did very well, but boredom was always lurking just around the corner! By the way Derek, if you e-mail me your address I will send you some of Spike's little paperbacks. Take care my friend,

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Derek Wales
Tuesday, 13. June 2006 10:16  Write a comment Send E-mail

I think Keith is on holiday at the moment Stuart.

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stuart jackson
derbyshire uk
Saturday, 10. June 2006 12:02  Write a comment Send E-mail

Lovely message from Peter and Hans in Sweden. Was CTW a religious man? Well I would guess that his thoughts and ideas came from some conviction for sure. He was certainly a 'socialist' minded person if certain of his lyrics are to be believed, and his references to Jesus and God are on record (no pun intended here). Much deeper than this though are his observations on the human situation, and his use of lots of natures influence in his work. He had, I think, a very philosophical outlook toward life in general, but there were many little 'devils' at work in his life also as shown in the book 'Bittersweet'. I think the benefit of the doubt should be given to CTW here, he was a religious minded person I'm sure. His gift, his genious, was to pass on some of lifes most deep and meaningful moments in wonderful and passionate words , to anyone who would simply take the time to listen. Something that a man called Jesus also did, over 2000 years ago. I think these two would have got on just fine. Keep the magic alive friends, peace and light,


ps:- how are things going keith, not heard from you for a while mate.
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Derek Wales
Sunday, 28. May 2006 16:10  Write a comment Send E-mail

Wise words Peter & Hans.
Good to see appreciation of Cliffords work in Sweden.

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Peter Torgersson
Fjärås, Sweden
Sunday, 28. May 2006 14:32  Write a comment Send E-mail

Our Message to the world!

Clifford was a sort of music-prophet who choose a straight and clear side for the goodness in the world. Was he religious?
Yes, I think so! His lyrics in his songs often refered to God and Jesus and he loved the goodness of all children.
But, Clifford was in many ways long before his time. His music is classical
and traditional and will live as long mankind will last.

During your stay here on earth - let Cliffords music inspire you, both when you´re happy and sad.

If you have a good heart - you like CTW!

Best Regards from the Clifford friends
in Sweden:

Peter Torgersson and Hans Karlsson
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stuart jackson
over the misty mountains old
Wednesday, 17. May 2006 19:37  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Keith, nice to have you back old friend (or should that be young friend). I was just getting worried enough to e-mail you, but glad it wasn't anything health wise for you or the family. Yes, I bet your g/daughter is growing now mate. It really is amazing how quickly time will now fly for you all. Grab every minute you can Keith, they only come by the once! Your comments on the current 'young generation' are so true mate.I am aware things are different for them, and that generations are almost bound to be different in just about everything, but surely somethings cross over these sorts of divides? I guess it is easy to be critical, I am sure our parents and grandparents held some similar views on our music likes, and our way of life especially through the '60s'. You know what they say mate, if you can remember the 60's you weren't living it right! Things do seem to work out, no matter which generation you look at, but the times can be very painfull and cruel. Shelter those you love from the worst of it my friend, and give your g/daughter a regular dose of CTW as she grows up. She can only benefit from it. Take care Keith , peace and light to you and yours,


Keith Finney:
Thanks Stuart, all so true! but it's only when the kids stop dancing, and start listening ( this comes with age) that they will appreciate the likes of CLIFFORD T WARD's music which spans generations and is timeless, if they seek they will find! take care my friend, nice to talk with you again. Keith..
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Derek Wales
Tuesday, 16. May 2006 22:23  Write a comment Send E-mail

Keith, its great to have you back on line mate, we have missed you !. Wise words as always too.

Hey Mick ? I know you are a fan of the Beatles as well as CTW, as we all are, and I for one, feel very glad to have been around in the 60's when they were at their peak. But lets hear of any other music you are into ?

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Keith Finney
a soggy -Stoke-on-trent.
Tuesday, 16. May 2006 20:02  Write a comment Send E-mail

To Stuart Jackson: back online Stuart after severe PC problems, -the poetry you write is fantasic mate, a rare hidden talent you have with words, you should be writing songs Stu!! they just need a melody -My grandaughter is growing into a beautiful baby girl (nearly 2 months old) already! so thanks for your kind words Stuart, besides you and Derek being a lot older than me being 59 this year, your'e both 61!! (just kiddin), and obviously the three of us being CLIFFORD T WARD fans from way back then, when (Gaye) meant being happy! -when men were men, and women were glad of it! there were some fantasic artists to listen to when Cliff started out, there was such a thing as a melody in music, the word love was mentioned in most songs and the words were heard and listened closely to, unlike today when all you her is the sally army bass drum, and songs of drugs and violence, the kids today are welcome to it! but what will they have to listen to when they are our ages? which brings me to your excellent musical selections you both made and i like all of your choices in particular Del with Pink Floyd, and you Stuart with Marty Robbins, At the moment i am listening a lot to Harry Chapin's music, whom i know now Cliff really admired, the man was a musical genious just like CTW, but with a different style of music to Cliff's, good to see both of your postings it's refreshing to see, hope MA's ok too, keep up the good work Mick..
Regards to all CTW fans,
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Derek Wales
Saturday, 13. May 2006 14:45  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Stuart,

I think I would enjoy the Spike Milligan book !

If you get chance, check out the very 1st self titled Peter Skellern album. Its a real favorite of mine and proves what a talented songwriter and piano player he is.
Similar humerous side to his songwriting like Cliff's, I think, and like Cliff, he has his own sound/niche.

Take care
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stuart jackson  
north derbyshire
Friday, 12. May 2006 19:32  Write a comment

Nice choices Derek, some in there that I should have included but slipped my mind, Peter Skellen an interesting one though. Regarding authors, I leave a short list of my all time favourites, again in no order, and again spanning lots of years. A gift we both share it appears, gracefully watching the years flow by as a stream of remembered treasures .

Kahlil Gibran (pure heaven)
Jonathan Swift
Spike Milligan ( a much missed pen pal)
William Blake (a mystical genius)
Jules Verne (childhood favourite)
Douglas Adams (for the fun of it)

Plenty more Derek, but these will do for a start. Anyone else wish to join in this little bit of fun? I noticed that HTFA was played today by The Great Tel this morning, keeping the magic alive, good man. Take care Derek, best wishes to you and those you love

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Derek Wales
Tuesday, 9. May 2006 09:07  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Stuart,

Thanks for reply. I see we are the same age so there must be some similar tastes !

I love all types of music and my collection is somewhat out of control !
If I told you about some of the music I like, you would probably say, “Never heard of him or them” !! as a lot of the bands/artistes I like are not mainstream, even though they are very good.
To give you a general idea of some that I listen to, here is a few :-

Jon Anderson (YES)
Rick Wakeman (YES)
Johnny Cash
Ray Davies (Kinks)
Justin Hayward (Moody Blues)
Roy Phillips (Peddlers)
Mike Pinder (Moody Blues)
Peter Skellern
Neil Young
Pink Floyd
Tony Banks (Genesis)
Roger Waters (ex Pink Floyd)
Everly Brothers
Roy Orbison
Travelling Wilburys
Tom Petty
C. T. Ward (of course)
And many more. There are some brilliant songwriters here along with CTW.

I also like classical, Debussy, Puccini, Sati etc and a lot of Jazz.

I will have to think about Authors as I do not read much apart from Biographies.

Take care mate

P.S. Not sure what to make of Neil Diamonds new CD 12 Songs.
It got rave reviews but I dont think its his best.
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stuart jackson
north derbyshire
Monday, 8. May 2006 19:33  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Derek, nice to hear from you, I hope you and yours are keeping well. You ask a good question regarding the type of music I listen to. I guess most people don't think about their tastes in music, they just listen to what they enjoy, and to be asked to define that is a task indeed. I'll start by saying that I am now 61 years of age, so have been listening to music for a while, many of the things I liked, and still like, are 'old fashioned', but I give a run down of likes below. Not in any order of preference or style, nor do I like all of the material these artists have produced, but each has provided me with pleasure. I do have to say though, CTW sits atop all of them for pure genius in lyric, and sweetness in performance.

Glen Campbell
Momas and Papas
Elvis Presley
Clifford T Ward
Van Morrison
Johnny Cash
The Hollies
The Beatles
Nat King Cole
Dusty Springfield
Neil Diamond
Marty Robbins,..there are more Derek, but these artists, and their music/songs are ones that I will listen to from time to time. CTW on the other hand I listen to almost all the time. His music has kept me company in some out of the way places in this world, and I have been glad of it many times. I would be interested in your musical tastes Derek, and what about favourite authors? Take care of yourself, and those you love my friend.

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Derek Wales
Friday, 5. May 2006 23:40  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Stuart,

Apart from CTW, what are your other musical tastes ? I have a large collection of Vinyl/cd's and my taste in music is quite varied.
I find it interesting to hear what other CTW fans listen to.
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