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Stuart Jackson  
Thursday, 10. March 2016 15:09  Write a comment Send E-mail

It's been a few years now since I last viewed and added to this guestbook Mick. I think the last time was back in 2001/2002, the time of sadness for the family and fans of CTW, a sadness that continues even to this day. I guess that like most of CTW's contempories I would now be classed as 'middle aged' (71) lol and have lived with the wonderful words and music of Clifford for around 44 years or more; not all his work was brilliant of course, some was just excellent, others just extremely good, and a couple were just better than most other artists could manage, they all had one thing in common. They had genius woven into them. I must revisit the Friends of Clifford T Ward website again and see if there are any more compilations on there, after all one can never have enough of a good thing eh.

I was prompted to look again at your site Mick due to making enquiries about the Sheffield Flood, and through those enquiries I had reason to look at your majestic work regarding that epic disaster back in 1864. My wife had a great uncle who perished on Harvest Lane and through the work involved in putting together her family tree we came across him. We have spoken with your friend Karen at meetings up at Bradfield a couple of times and in fact I think we just missed seeing you up there. Anyway Mick please carry on the good work; thank you for all the effort and love you have put into the CTW site over so many years, and of course thank you for the Sheffield Flood site. Take care,

peace love and light,

Stuart Jackson

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