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Marian Hale  
Friday, 18. December 2015 00:59  Write a comment Send E-mail

I have always loved Clifford T Ward's music. I played him constantly in the 70's and 80's whilst training to be a nurse.

Life took over, marriage, a family and a nursing career stopped me from listening to music.
I'm now in my 60's and have been confined to a wheelchair for nine years, I decided to look for Clifford's albums on my iPad and wow what memories his music brought back to me.

He had amazing talent and his music and lyrics were just so good compared to what was going on back in the day!!

He was under-appreciated in this country, sadly, but I wish his songs were requested more on popular radio shows to bring his music to the younger audience of the 21st century whom I'm sure would love him just as much as I do.

I plan to have a playlist of all the songs that I love from his albums so that I can listen to him whenever I want.

I know tomorrow is the anniversary of his sad death, he was taken too soon. I shall think of him tomorrow and play my favourite song Home Thoughts From Abroad.

I wish his wife Pat and the rest of his family my very best wishes, especially his daughter Polly who has just had a baby. I heard it on the Ken Bruce show last week, I'm sure Clifford would have been over the moon with the new arrival.

Kindest regards from a fan of the one and only Clifford T Ward.

Marian Hale.

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