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Paul Hosker  
North Wales
Monday, 19. January 2015 03:12  Write a comment Send E-mail

My name is Paul Hosker and I live in North Wales and I have been a CTW fan since I bought the LP Home Thoughts (1973) from what was then a ‘new’ mail order company called Virgin Records - my how ‘Time the magician plays tricks on us’. Perhaps because CTW’s music coincided with teenage years that I remember it with such enduring love and affection. Halcyon days they were indeed … everything seemed new and awaiting discovery - all my senses seemed to work at a spiritual as well as a romantic level ... there beauty all around us.
I am having one of my infrequent but profound CTW days today where I immerse myself in his music and poetic/profound lyrics and am simply ‘grateful’ that he has been part of the backdrop of my life.

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