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Ronnie Pollock  
Sunday, 4. May 2014 16:35  Write a comment Send E-mail

It may come I guess as a surprise for some anyway for a Scot to love the music of a very English singer songwriter but music has no geographical boundaries .. nor should it and Clifford was a one off.

Clifford wrote many songs, very many of them stand out as great music and lyrics and I only wish i had seen him perform live. The more I play his songs these days the more I realise what a loss he is to us all. I hope we can all keep his music alive in our own way. I have been fortunate enough to obtain from Friends of CWT some rather rare material (and from fans music notation) and note also there are other gems out there on the net, even if they were never meant for release they are worth checking out …Keep the music alive…as sadly there will be no more.


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