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Keith Bissex  
Monday, 5. August 2013 20:43  Write a comment Send E-mail

Clifford T Ward was one of our very greatest singer-songwriters and arguably a musical genius, although I'm not sure that his brilliance was fully appreciated during his all-too-short lifetime. I doubt he would have seen it that way, being (one suspects) far too modest and self-effacing to award himself such accolades. His music and lyrics are as beautiful and as relevant today as they ever were, and still have the ability to move one to tears and their messages made all the more poignant by his tragic and untimely demise. He has left us a wonderful musical legacy, however, and will long be remembered with affection for his unique contribution to the contemporary music scene. May he rest in peace and never to be forgotten and confident in the knowledge that he lives on in that music and those heart-rending words, through his recordings, enriching the lives of the many who continue to listen to him, and those who discover him anew. Those who have yet to discover him, have a treat in store. Thank you Cliff for all that your songs have meant (and continue to mean) to me, as I approach the old age that you never had the opportunity to enjoy. When I am gone, I will soon be forgotten but not you. ˜Time, the magician, played a few old tricks on us ..."

Keith Bissex.

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