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Thelma Atkins  
Friday, 8. June 2012 23:27  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Mike

My husband, Alan and I attended several of the Clifford T Ward annual conventions until we moved to Devon. At them I was able to purchase lots of items including one of the portraits of Clifford for Alan.

Alan always holds dear that he got to meet Clifford and his signature before he died and the photograph I was able to take – he also recorded several items at the conventions.

He has just been looking at an old video he purchased around that time called “Clifford T Ward – The Video”. It was a three hour video with 13 items on it.

Cliff on TV
The Old Grey Whistle Test 1973
Top of The Pops 1974
Interview by Tony Jasper
Midlands Today TV
Interview featuring Justin Heyward
Pebble Mill
The Late Show
Irish TV Show
Castlebar Song Contest – Irish TV
The Annual Convention 1993
Midlands TV
The Annual Convention 1994

Unfortunately it has deterated and I was looking on the site to see if there were any more for sale or if any had been updated to DVD. I cant actually find anything under the merchandise part of the site.

Also, do the conventions still happen? There are no dates to know when the last entery was, is the membership club still happening? If so I will “join” Alan again.

Can you help please?

Kind regards

Thelma Atkins

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