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Les Preece  
North Cyprus
Thursday, 20. November 2008 02:41  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi I would like to say that I have been a CTW. fan since I heard a very rare interview on BBC HEREFORD AND WORCESTER along time ago with DJ. Nonny James. It was very harroring, because that day Cliff was HAVING A BAD ONE, FINDING IT HARD TO SPEAK. He was taken to the studio by ? Davey, forgot his name! I rang Nonny up afterwards for a copy off the transcript, but she told me that she did not keep them, pity. cos it was very moving!
My other coincidence is that later in Cliffs life I went to live at Ivy Cottage Penrhos, a stones throw away from Casle Weir, where of course he lived and visited the Royal George!! from time to time. My next door neighbour - John Fowler, a plummer fixed Cliffs plumming a few times, is that part of the lyrics from Home thoughts from Abroad I ask myself??
I now am living in North Cyprus, but stil listen to the 16 CDs. of cliffs that i have, do you know all of them Mick? I wonder!
Best Wishes and keep up the good web site
Yours aye.
Les Preece.

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