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Danny Foxwell  
Biggleswade , Bedfordshire
Monday, 22. September 2008 16:33  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Mick... Sad to see the Official CTW website is down.
My first introduction to Cliff`s music was one lunchtime in the mid 80`s when I was watching` Pebble Mill At One`.
The presenter introduced Clifford T Ward singing `Contrary` and on came this quirky, awkward looking guy with a beautiful voice and a beautiful melody. I was intrigued and needed to hear more. The following weekend I went straight to HMV, Oxford st and bought Homethoughts and Mantle pieces. The rest is history.
Cliff`s music brings me so much pleasure. I play it whatever mood I`m in and it seems to fit my every mood.
Best wishes

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