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Friday, 6. June 2008 12:35  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Mick,

thank you so much for this website!

I heard CTW for the first time yesterday - I was listening to an Internet radio station (I never ever heard a CTW-song on a German radio station - shame on them) and on that station they played "Home Thoughts".
I wrote down the name and title and spent the rest of the evening till half past one in the morning on Youtube, this website and others related to this great singer/songwriter. I ordered two CDs plus the biography and can't wait till they arrive. That's not what normally occurs to me - he is exceptional!

Sometimes his voice reminds me of Brian May or rather vice versa. Also there is an American (rather unknown - I fear) singer/songwriter named Al Petrone whose voice reminds me of CTW as well. Does anybody know Al Petrone?

Kind regards


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