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Monday, 11. February 2008 13:41  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Mick,
I'm not one for taking heed of coincidences, nor reading too much into these matters, but it was only yesterday I decided to see if anyone had posted CTW material on Utube. To my delight there was lots of material. I then noticed it just happened to be his birthday.

Not really such a coincidence really as I sing Nightingale to my youngest child any night he lets me read him stories. The older two love to listen too and since they asked me to sing it to them that night as well, I thought I'd look it up. I am not a singer by any means (no false modesty I assure you), but I reckon it goes to show the magic of Clifford's lyrics by virtue of the fact they love to listen to this song. It "makes them sad" somehow. I reckon the "singing to no one" lyric combined with the melody is what gets to them. I'm glad it does actually, even though they don't know why themselves.

I'm off to buy some CDs now so they can listen to the real thing. I was too young to appreciate Clifford's music when he was in the charts and only chanced upon it much later in life. I have to agree with all the comments I read on Utube and your guestbook too. CTW was the most underrated writer and singer.


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