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Susan Treece  
Friday, 2. February 2007 22:51  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi, I first heard of Clifford T Ward back in 1979 when a local radio station DJ always finished his 'Midnight Hour' with Home Thoughts From Abroad. I was actually going out with a DJ at the time and it became 'our song' as we used to listen to the show from our respective homes. Time passed by and we parted but I have always found times when I have got out my LP's and tapes and had a blast of them. Some are quite sad so not a good idea to listen when you are feeling down though. I did know that he had MS but did not know that he had died until once again visiting the LP's and then the web site to see if any were available on CD and yes they are - yippee! I was sad to read about Cliff dying and especially for not knowing all this time. He has left a lasting legacy in his music which I feel did not get the coverage it deserved. Even nowadays you rarely hear his music on the radio, even on the 'oldies' stations, how sad. I live near Nottingham and Radio Trent used to be the station which played his music but I don't know if they still do. Thanks for all the info on your site, it is good to know that he is not forgotten.


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