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Keith Finney  
Friday, 26. January 2007 09:29  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Stan, Nice to hear such great comments about Clifford from the home of the greatest music ever written! and good to hear that CTW has not lost his appeal to you even after 30yrs, as for being underated, you will never say a truer word Stan, i'm afraid though that today's boy bands and artists always play safe and only cover welknown past number one's or hits it seems, but perhaps someone somewhere will take a chance and realise what a great songwriter CTW was, great song material never ages, you only have to listen to the Beatles to realise that, and i put Clifford in that bracket of songsmiths, he was that good! the trouble is only the few know this, his songs and past performances need more air time on TV and Radio and even the Internet! -so at this moment in time thank goodness for Terry Wogan the lone ranger for CTW's work and still flying the flag.

Keith Finney.......... (www.myspace.com/finney4www ) -a CTW tribute page..

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