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Stuart Jackson  
Eckington, Nr Sheffield
Tuesday, 2. January 2007 01:47  Write a comment Send E-mail

To Keith, hello again my old friend, and a Happy New year to you and your family. I have finally got round to visiting your web pages Keith, and must say I am truly impressed with your work on them. What a good looking fella you are too, for your age of course , tee hee. Your grand daughter looks absolutely beautiful Keith, and my guess is that she is being spoilt somewhat...and why not mate...we pass this way but once, and whats a little spoiling going to hurt? Your musical scope is breathtaking Keith, my guess is that you and Del would be unbeatable in any musical based quiz, there are lots on your pages that I will revisit my friend, congratulations again on a job well done, and a fitting tribute to decades of musicians, and of course to CTW.

A Happy New year to the true fans, keep the magic alive friends. If you haven't visited Keith's site yet, then do it now, it's worth it!

Peace and light,


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