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Kevin Gould  
New Whittington, Chesterfield
Monday, 30. October 2006 01:54  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello, I thought I'd just drop a messge in to say how much I enjoyed finding your website on the net. I have loved CTWs music from the first releases, when I was 19/20 I guess. When a lot of my friends went down the heavy rock road I was more into the singer/songwriter stuff. The first time I heard Home Thoughts from Abroad I was completely blown away and it came as no great surprise to me when it appeared in the BBC2 list so highly! My vinyl albums have been in the loft for a few years now, but I've slowly but surely been replacing them with CDs. I bought a couple of CTW CDs a few months back, and the music is still as beautiful to me as it was the very first time I heard it over 30 years ago.What a wonderfully gifted songwriter Cliff was.
Anyway thanks again for your great website, which I shall be visiting on a regular basis now!
Kev Gould

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