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Stuart Jackson  
Eckington (Nr. Sheffield)
Thursday, 26. October 2006 09:28  Write a comment Send E-mail

Nice one Keith. I too am pleased to see the guestbook is up and running again. The idea of the guestbook was to promote the friendship we all have under the umbrella of CTW, his music and his words. Not only that though, I think Cliff put forward a special sort of philosophy, a philosophy built on a very firm socially inclusive base, very open minded, very natural in it's outlook, and very human in all it's parts. I also think that people with a like mind are probably the ones who are more likely to be drawn into his music and words. His gift has been left to us all, to enjoy and sometimes to just wonder at. There aren't many like him come along; genius is a much used, but seldom warranted title to hang on people. In CTW's case, it was warranted (in my humble opinion), it really is such a pity that his entertainment profile was not seen by more of the people. Keep the magic alive Keith, and Derek...and all the other true fans out there.

peace and light,


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