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Keith Finney  
Thursday, 13. July 2006 02:10  Write a comment Send E-mail

Just a few words to echo Derek Wales's comments (below).
Al Hodge was a musicians musician, hardly known in this country except in his beloved Cornwall where he was a legend, but other guitarists certainly knew of him! he worked with a lot of well known artists in his time including Elkie Brookes and Leo Sayer to name only two, and wrote music for his own albums, and music scores by the dozen for the BBC and locally, Al worked with 'CLIFFORD T WARD' in the late seventies at the Sawmill Studios in Cornwall and completed tracks for the 'NEW ENGLAND DAYS' album including the famous one Derek mentioned, plus 'TAKING THE LONG WAY ROUND' and others, he gigged locally to packed house's for years, and my only regret was never seeing him play, i was looking forward to that in June this year while holidaying in the area, now it will never happen, Al Hodge was not only a great musician, but an extemely brave man who even as the illness was taking hold, was still planning his coming gigs for this year and could not wait to pick up his guitar and play for us all, what a player! what a man! what a gentleman! they don't make many like Big AL! so along with his other band members who knew him so well, his many friends and fans in Cornwall, Britain and abroad, FAREWELL BIG AL!! GEDDON! wer'e are going to miss Ya!

Keith Finney.

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