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Stuart Jackson  
Eckington (Nr. Sheffield)
Thursday, 22. June 2006 13:50  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Keith, glad to have you and family returned safely from the wilds of Devon. Glad you have had a good time my friend. Did your granddaughter accompany you by any chance, or are you now making up for lost time with her ? It sounds like you have managed to find some decent old records while foraging about! My vinyl collection is meagre by comparison I am sure, but there are a few 'treasures' in amongst them. I do however take a special care with my CTW vinyls, in fact I am currently on the look out for a replacement record player. My old one has finally given up the ghost after very many years of faithful service. I quite like the idea of getting one of these reproduction cabinet record players you see advertised, this would bring back many happy memories of childhood. My dad used to like listening to Vera Lynn, Nat King Cole, Ronnie Hilton etc on the one we had back then. I think he would have appreciated some of Cliff's songs you know. Anyway, take care of yourself and those you love Keith. Do keep in touch my friend.

best regards,


ps: I have tried getting some of the poetry published Keith, and did have a couple printed some years ago in the local paper. It is however very difficult unless you can stump up some money for the first print run. Publishers do not like to gamble on poetry, it is a very difficult market for them. Thank you for the kind comments.

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