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Keith Finney  
Tuesday, 20. June 2006 09:28  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Stuart,
Just got back from sunny Devon, had a great time! how are things with you mt friend? get that poetry into print my friend and stop hiding that peace and light under a bushel! a rare talent indeed!
As (music and a great musician) bring us all together on these pages, and me being an avid vinyl collecter can i just say that while in Devon i visited 3 great car boot sales and picked up some excellent albums from the past, just playing a Don Williams 30 tracks one now! all for the princely sum of 2- none of Cliffords i'm glad to say! much too rare! and collectable! - in my eyes Clifford T Ward will remain up there with the greats, geat songs last forever, even in car boots, end of pier stalls, attics, and jumble sales, there will always be someone like me seeking them out! so to all the great music makers-play on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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