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stuart jackson  
over the misty mountains old
Wednesday, 17. May 2006 19:37  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Keith, nice to have you back old friend (or should that be young friend). I was just getting worried enough to e-mail you, but glad it wasn't anything health wise for you or the family. Yes, I bet your g/daughter is growing now mate. It really is amazing how quickly time will now fly for you all. Grab every minute you can Keith, they only come by the once! Your comments on the current 'young generation' are so true mate.I am aware things are different for them, and that generations are almost bound to be different in just about everything, but surely somethings cross over these sorts of divides? I guess it is easy to be critical, I am sure our parents and grandparents held some similar views on our music likes, and our way of life especially through the '60s'. You know what they say mate, if you can remember the 60's you weren't living it right! Things do seem to work out, no matter which generation you look at, but the times can be very painfull and cruel. Shelter those you love from the worst of it my friend, and give your g/daughter a regular dose of CTW as she grows up. She can only benefit from it. Take care Keith , peace and light to you and yours,


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