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Keith Finney  
a soggy -Stoke-on-trent.
Tuesday, 16. May 2006 20:02  Write a comment Send E-mail

To Stuart Jackson: back online Stuart after severe PC problems, -the poetry you write is fantasic mate, a rare hidden talent you have with words, you should be writing songs Stu!! they just need a melody -My grandaughter is growing into a beautiful baby girl (nearly 2 months old) already! so thanks for your kind words Stuart, besides you and Derek being a lot older than me being 59 this year, your'e both 61!! (just kiddin), and obviously the three of us being CLIFFORD T WARD fans from way back then, when (Gaye) meant being happy! -when men were men, and women were glad of it! there were some fantasic artists to listen to when Cliff started out, there was such a thing as a melody in music, the word love was mentioned in most songs and the words were heard and listened closely to, unlike today when all you her is the sally army bass drum, and songs of drugs and violence, the kids today are welcome to it! but what will they have to listen to when they are our ages? which brings me to your excellent musical selections you both made and i like all of your choices in particular Del with Pink Floyd, and you Stuart with Marty Robbins, At the moment i am listening a lot to Harry Chapin's music, whom i know now Cliff really admired, the man was a musical genious just like CTW, but with a different style of music to Cliff's, good to see both of your postings it's refreshing to see, hope MA's ok too, keep up the good work Mick..
Regards to all CTW fans,

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