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stuart jackson  
north derbyshire
Friday, 12. May 2006 19:32  Write a comment

Nice choices Derek, some in there that I should have included but slipped my mind, Peter Skellen an interesting one though. Regarding authors, I leave a short list of my all time favourites, again in no order, and again spanning lots of years. A gift we both share it appears, gracefully watching the years flow by as a stream of remembered treasures .

Kahlil Gibran (pure heaven)
Jonathan Swift
Spike Milligan ( a much missed pen pal)
William Blake (a mystical genius)
Jules Verne (childhood favourite)
Douglas Adams (for the fun of it)

Plenty more Derek, but these will do for a start. Anyone else wish to join in this little bit of fun? I noticed that HTFA was played today by The Great Tel this morning, keeping the magic alive, good man. Take care Derek, best wishes to you and those you love


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