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stuart jackson  
north derbyshire
Monday, 8. May 2006 19:33  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Derek, nice to hear from you, I hope you and yours are keeping well. You ask a good question regarding the type of music I listen to. I guess most people don't think about their tastes in music, they just listen to what they enjoy, and to be asked to define that is a task indeed. I'll start by saying that I am now 61 years of age, so have been listening to music for a while, many of the things I liked, and still like, are 'old fashioned', but I give a run down of likes below. Not in any order of preference or style, nor do I like all of the material these artists have produced, but each has provided me with pleasure. I do have to say though, CTW sits atop all of them for pure genius in lyric, and sweetness in performance.

Glen Campbell
Momas and Papas
Elvis Presley
Clifford T Ward
Van Morrison
Johnny Cash
The Hollies
The Beatles
Nat King Cole
Dusty Springfield
Neil Diamond
Marty Robbins,..there are more Derek, but these artists, and their music/songs are ones that I will listen to from time to time. CTW on the other hand I listen to almost all the time. His music has kept me company in some out of the way places in this world, and I have been glad of it many times. I would be interested in your musical tastes Derek, and what about favourite authors? Take care of yourself, and those you love my friend.


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