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stuart jackson  
north derbyshire
Thursday, 4. May 2006 07:41  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hi Derek, Keith et al. Just visited the guestbook again and saw Keith's comment about someone posting an inappropriate message to him. I can't believe anyone would question your knowledge of, and your loyalty to CTW, Keith. I'm glad I didn't get to see the message mate, I would have fumed along with you! May I also add my praises to Mick A on the work he has put in on this site for some years now, I hope that whatever problems you have been going through have eased Mick. Are you still at Sheffield Uni by the way? I seem to recall we were going to try and meet for a coffee, but that was back in 2001 I think? I still work in Sheffield so could still arrange to see you sometime mate. To Derek and Keith, I have managed to sort out a print of the Waves cover by Petagno, and have also done one of Escalator (Petagno again). Both look quite stunning, says he modestly . Did you enjoy the other poetry Keith? Hope you weren't to bored by it my friend. I bet you have hardly been able to put your g/daughter down over the last weeks Keith, we are taking our 12 year old g/daughter away with us to Northumberland for a week at the end of May, you have all this to come Keith so be prepared! Take care all, and keep the magic of CTW alive,

peace and light,


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