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keith finney  
Monday, 10. April 2006 20:29  Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello DAVE JOHNSON! great to speak to you on a more 'purist'and professional CTW fan website, i have a lot of time and respect for you Dave! you are one of the few people along with Mick/A himself, who are working hard on a tight budget to keep Clifford T Ward's music alive! and you, and Mick, -(for this site), do not get the recognition that you both deserve, keep up the excellent work fella's. A top 15 all time CTW favourite TRACKs suggestions, would be what i would like to see, with bonus tracks of Cliff's NEW SONGS from your ARCHIVING project Dave, to be released when your work is completed, chosen by you and Pat Ward! I have had the privelege to hear one of the new tracks that you have unearthed a few months ago, and i reckon on it's own it could be a massive hit with the fans, but i will not name the song until you do! the compilation would have to be for fanclub release first, as a thank you to all the fans past and present, as for a commercial release, i think it's only a matter of time before one or more of Cliff's songs get's out into the 'media domain' through TV advertising or a new artist recognising Clifford's fantastic musical talent and back catologue,i just hope it's in my lifetime! Keep up 'your fantastic' efforts Dave, hope to meet up with you and talk with you soon.
Best Regards, Keith Finney.

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