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John Wilkes  
Ashford, Kent
Saturday, 1. April 2006 22:11  Write a comment Send E-mail

Cliff was my head boy at school at Stourport-on-Severn Secondary Modern. Living just around the corner from me on the Walshes Estate in Stourport he used to sing in the Arley Kings church with yours truly alongside who was a couple of years younger.
School concerts were a joy as he, along with a Mr Marsden (music teacher) would play guitar/banjo and give some wonderful performances even as a schoolboy.
After I left school (at 15) the area was a great place to be musically as a teenager with lots of blossoming local talent.
We were entertained at The Parish Room (Stourport), the Boat Club, Walshes Tenants Hall, Tontine Hotel, Great Witley Village Hall etc by Cliff and the Cruisers, and also Tommy and the Crestas, Jess and the Raiders, Terry Salters in another popular group (whose name now I cannot recollect) et al. Entrance was usually 2s.6d with pass-outs given to go to the nearest pub in the interval if no alcoholic drinks were served.
When Cliff started to make his name in the music industry we used to play his records on the juke box in Coglan's Cafe in Bridge Street, Stourport just hoping that one day he would get into the hit parade.
They were lovely times and I would like to say it was a great to have heard him live in the old days and to have known him. It is a pleasure today also to hear him on my i-Pod whilst travelling around the Kent countryside.

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