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On Thu Jun 24 18:32:38 BST 1999, Marja-Riitta (Finland deveri@netti.fi) from said:

You have a very nice page. I really enjoyed my visit. Lovely pictures. Greetings from Finland,


On Sun Jun 27 16:36:21 BST 1999, Jim Kearns (KearnsJJ@aol.com (Kent,England)) from said:

Keep up the good work

On Mon Jun 28 14:45:34 BST 1999, Gary (UK, g.helliwell@shef.ac.uk) from said:

A brilliant site Mick. You're a real dark horse.

On Mon Jun 28 20:56:42 BST 1999, marian (england - marian.s@virgin.net) from said:

smashing website. you must be clever. i love the countdown.

On Tue Jun 29 22:03:30 BST 1999, Liz Prigg (liz@my-home.demon.co.uk - England) from said:

Great fun! I love Joe's poetry - what gems. Please let me know the secret to getting so many visitors (re: the counter) to your site - I am in awe!

On Tue Aug 3 09:31:01 BST 1999, Colin (England (c.b.gardner@sheffield.ac.uk)) from said:

Dear Mick, I stumbled across your gem of a site by accident, (looking for Loxley's opening times!). You have made history come alive with your captivating pictures and storytelling. It's an award-deserving site and I'm sure to come back. Thanks.

On Wed Aug 25 15:43:23 BST 1999, Bruno Baur (Switzerland; bb.baur@bluewin.ch) from said:

A really great page again Mick! Mostly I like your adventures in music and the pictures from your home and your ponds. I hope you will update the masterpiece sometimes. With new pictures and some interesting things about your life. I`m looking forward! My best wishes for your future.

On Fri Sep 3 23:47:11 BST 1999, Kim (USA lovespekes@exp.net) from said:

Superb job on your web pages. I found the link to your pages while looking for pond pics. You did an excellent job on your ponds. They look very natural and the lilies are gorgeous. I will have to admit that I fell in love with your dogs. I'm a true dog lover...you can tell by my e-mail address....so naturally that was my favorite page. Cheers, Kim

On Fri Sep 17 17:06:56 BST 1999, Steve Stride (strides@avfc1.bdx.co.uk) from said:

Mick, Congratulations on your Clifford T Ward site. It would be a good idea to add a guitar/tabs section and whilst I could let you have 4 or 5 of Cliff's songs with the chords I am not sure in what format to send them to you. Others will then i'm sure add additional songs. Can you help? Unable to send you an e-mail direct as the e-mail button on your site does not connect. Steve.

On Tue Nov 9 15:16:53 GMT 1999, Diana Neagu (Romania; dinaia@dnt.ro) from said:

Hello, I visited this page because I liked your quote so much "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers..." I find its meanings so inspiring...thanks.

On Wed Nov 24 12:12:24 GMT 1999, BRIAN TIERNEY (IRELAND tierneyb@ie.ibm.com) from said:

Great page on CTW. I am a big fan for the last four years since I got a lend of Home Thoughts From Abroad. It's a cracking album. Cannot stay as I have to get back to work. Well done on a very good site.

On Sat Mar 25 15:06:38 GMT 2000, chris clark (australia moordweller@witchesrus.zzn.com) from said:

Loved the page, mick keep up the good work and do get in touch! byeeee

On Sat Apr 1 07:42:19 BST 2000, Richard Brown (richardbrown@mcmail.com) from said:

Really enjoyed your material on the Flood. Something I heard my grand parents, who were born in the 1890's, mention but I was not aware of the background.

I was particularly interested in the John Brown mentions in the book - he is a distant relative.

Richard Brown

PS: I could not e-mail you: not sure if it is a problem at your end or mine.

On Sat Apr 8 12:21:26 BST 2000, Dawn Weyers (South Africa dweyers@global.co.za) from said:

I'm from Doncaster and never knew anything about the Sheffield Flood. Found the book fascinating thanks for putting it on your site. By the way, I love "Honest Joe's" counter <grin>



On Thu Apr 27 06:25:33 BST 2000, Linda Hopley (Australia lhopley@bigpond.com) from said:

Wonderful account of the Sheffield Flood - I'm scouring it for ancestors. Very interesting site all round. Good luck with it.

On Mon Jun 26 23:12:22 BST 2000, maddalena (italy) from said:

I now know everything about you through your site. You are so expert on the Brontes I thought you were a University teacher or a researcher! Very good indeed!

On Sat Aug 5 08:16:47 BST 2000, jennifer (Canada. short@nanaimo.ark.com) from said:

Hi Mick, thanks so much for a taste of Sheffield, an updated one at that. You brought back memories. A long, and I mean a long time ago David Blunkett used to live next door but one to my best friend at the time. He came to our Chapel Youth Group for quite a while. He asked me to go out with him. But I was so self concious about being heavy, and him not being able to see, that I said "No". It was just a few years ago that we starting being able to buy English newspapers in the Grocery stores over here, and I was amazed to read some report on his take on something. Unfortunately I can't remember what it was. I knew even back then that he was a Labour Party supporter. I believe his family was. My family here just didn't believe that I could know someone of substance. Thanks so much for your webpage. Jennifer.

On Mon Aug 28 00:18:41 BST 2000, Martha (Austria (thornfield_hall@yahoo.com)) from said:

Hi Mick, ... very nice page! Your ponds are little masterpieces ... and you´ve taken great pains over the arrangement! ... They are really beautiful.

The stories on your Humour-Page made me laugh :-) ... I told them to my mother and she nearly died laughing :-) ... especially the story about the new house and the story of the Accident Report Form are great! ... The craftsman reminded me of "Mr. Bean´s" bizarr humour :-))!

But I didn´t manage to see those 3D-images ... I can´t focus on something very distant and watch the image at the same time ... no talent at all, I´m afraid :-)) ... but it was fun!

I love the epigram: "Winners never quit; Quitters never win" ... it´s so simple and true :-)

Well, I enjoyed reading your page :-)


On Tue Sep 5 12:54:14 BST 2000, Ros (Australia) from said:

Hi Mick, I was just messing around looking at the JE members profiles - (everyone is always asleep when I'm on line). I thought I would have a look at your web site - I'm impressed - such a varied career! It is well done - I love your garden ponds and your dogs are gorgeous. Cheers Ros

On Tue Sep 12 23:03:40 BST 2000, Kathy Grega (Arlington Heights, Il USA /katgrega@home,com) from said:

Mick, You have got one of the the most entertaining,informative and yes magical websites I've ever had the pleasure to come across. I feel I could pop out the door and walk down the street and bump into you and start talking like a pair of old friends. Congratulations on your wonderful site! I'm sure Anne would be very pleased.

On Wed Oct 4 20:38:54 BST 2000, roland phillips (rolanddphillips@netscapeonline.co.uk) from said:

just come back from the ctw convention. found out about it by accident. certainly agree with you, what a musical class act.
p.s. good page, clever layout.
all the best rdp.

On Tue Oct 10 01:10:11 BST 2000, mick armitage (mickarmitage@sympatico.ca) from said:

any relation? retired rocker!

Doesn't seem likely, but thanks for the message Mick - nice to hear from someone with the same name!   . . . Mick.

On Thu Oct 19 14:28:47 BST 2000, Teresa (USA TMHBubbles@aol.com) from said:

Mick Thanks for visiting my web page and your nice comments. Your page is very nice and I love your pond pictures! I only wish we had a larger yard to work with so we could do as much as you've done. Very beutiful ponds!!

On Fri Nov 3 04:10:04 GMT 2000, Joyce (ljhanes@connix.com) from said:

A "Sowing machine" is actually a SEWING machine. Two very different meanings!

Ah! of course, I put that spelling mistake in on purpose just to see how long it would take before someone noticed it! (like you'd believe that!! ;-) ) . Thanks for letting me know - I'll get it put right. . . . Mick.

On Sat Dec 9 04:37:51 GMT 2000, Colin C. Baker (Colin.C.Baker@btinternet.com) from said:

Hi Mick, Just made another visit to see Anne's Poems. Once again I am impressed by your Home Page. Keep up the good work! Colin

On Wed Dec 13 01:12:33 GMT 2000, Roger (carlingrove@ntlworld.com) from said:

Got here through the keyword Flood. Fine example of a personal website nicley idiosyncratic, but not as manic as Sam Sloan's.

On Sun Jan 14 00:14:07 GMT 2001, Bill Halverson (USA bill@billhalverson.com) from said:

hi mick: I'm new to the net. I see that ctw has many fans around the world including me. I produced New England Days along time ago. I've read that ctw is not well and would ask that you forward my best wishes to him. I had a great time working with him and remind him to remember how we got the squeek on Water Wheel. Also the fun with the string date in LA. If Clifford would like please e-mail a phone # I would love to call and say hi thanks Bill Halverson e-mail bill@billhalverson.com

On Mon Jan 15 06:22:20 GMT 2001, John Bakas (USA jbakas@aol.com) from said:

I joined the Bronte email group. Thank you for your work and interest that helps preserve their memory.

On Fri Jan 19 23:33:24 GMT 2001, margaret burnett (margaret@1spalding.freeserve.co.uk) from said:

(Re: Clifford T Ward)
First of all I would like to say that myself and a few of my friends (including my partner) are very fond of your music. I have heard that you are not in the best of health and hope you can overcome this. Please let me know if there is anything we can do to help you and your wife and family. We are ordinary people who live in Scotland (we all love animals and people) and are not well off but would do anything within our means to help make your lives easier and live in hope that you will get better and continue to produce beautiful music as you have done in the past. We would love to hear from you personaly but if not please accept our very best regards to you and your wife and family (and any pets).

All the Best

Love from
Margaret and Friends xxxxx

On Sat Mar 17 00:14:04 GMT 2001, Lisa Kelley (USA lisakell@webtv.net) from said:

Was diverted to the Anne Bronte site, but was originally here for the Sheffield flood site. Hoped/dreaded? to find one of my ancestors listed. Very interesting, and I liked your personal page also. I agree with the previous poster, not so maniac as Sam Sloan's page. No comparison, I don't find you the least bit paranoid, and far more interesting than good old Sam. Thanks.

Thank ya kindly, Lisa.   .   .   .   Mick.

On Thu Mar 22 21:09:33 GMT 2001, torsten Kurzmann (tkurzmann@aol.com) from said:

Great pages. The bronte´s still live.

On Sun Apr 1 02:12:06 BST 2001, Shameena Boyle (The Bahamas birdmail41@yahoo.com) from said:

You are a cool guy Mick! I am Impressed.

On Tue May 22 19:33:35 BST 2001, Dr. Eddie Mukooyo ((Uganda) at email address: emukooyo@hotmail.com) from said:

This indeed a great web page. My question is: can you provide me with information on the International Symposiums that used to be held at The University of Sheffield on Health Information Management Research. I seriously don't want to miss one for this year. Please advise. Secondly, I am interested in pursuing a Phd degree course in Information Management Research with some clases in Communication Technologies. I hold MBCHB, Msc (Epidemiology and Biostatistics). Currently working as an Assistant Commissioner Health Services for Resource Centre/Health Management Information System,Ministry of Health Box.7272, Kampala. Uganda. I need a mentor to guide and advise me accordingly. Please assist with necessary information. Thank you. God Bless you.

On Thu May 24 23:46:11 BST 2001, Emma (United States ladydayelle@collegeclub.com) from said:

Your personal site is as awesome as your Anne Bronte site :)!

On Tue May 29 12:10:17 BST 2001, Myke Carroll (South Africa mykem@clm.co.za) from said:

Hi Mick
Great site, great cause (CTW), great idea. If you're lucky you might still get the late, great Gerard Hoffnung's speeches to the Cambridge Students Union, where he tells the "barrel" story absolutely brilliantly, amongst others. (I'll look up the CD ref. number if you like.) Did you get the Clifford T letter I sent? Quite a coup to have Sir Tim on board - fantastic!
Best regards Myke

On Sun Jun 3 12:31:55 BST 2001, James Davey (England jamiedavey@lineone.net) from said:

Hi Mick
I hope you are well. Just a message to say I sent a message to Cliff's guest book on saturday but it does not seem to have appeared, could you possibly E mail me so I can see if there is a problem at this end. I should see Cliff this coming week so I will get the last few lyrics for you.
regards, James.

On Tue Jun 5 22:17:38 BST 2001, barry (alwa@bhowgate.fsworld.co.uk) from said:

train shotkan 1974 old black now stoped traing 3 years ago kugb.jka

On Wed Jun 6 09:19:57 BST 2001, Rudy Widjanarka (Indonesia (rudy@bppn.go.id)) from said:

Hi Mick's

could you gimme a favour ? i'm looking for a cliff's lyrics for a long time. the title is 'the way of love'. thanx a lot in advance for your kind favour.


On Mon Jun 25 13:51:56 BST 2001, Myke Carroll (South Africa/mykem@clm.co.za) from said:

Hi Mick
I tried to download the "Who Cares" wave file and found it kinda sticks on 96%. "Lost Again" and "Water" work just fine. (If this is old news, please excuse my late arrival.) Since we last wrote, I have been in touch with Liz to order the CTW CD's I've been missing for so long. Liz is amazing. To have this kind of help in this day and age is rare in the extreme. It encourages me to book my ticket for the CTW Convention, so I can give you all my personal thanks for bringing me back up to speed. I'm enjoying your site very much (brings back memories), especially the Bronte stuff. Great!
Best regards - Myke.

Checked the wave file out, Mike, - works O/K for me - give it another try, and get back to me if it still fails - regards,   Mick.

On Sun Jul 8 17:45:28 BST 2001, Kamey (Canada) from said:

Just thought I'd return the favor, since you looked at my page. It's amazing, I didn't think anyone would bother checking my page out, such is life though. Gill is a great girl, and I'm glad to make friends with anyone she's friends with!

Nice to hear from you, Kamey - thanks.   .   .   .   Mick.

On Thu Jul 19 07:52:19 BST 2001, Myke Carroll (mykem@clm.co.za South Africa) from said:

Hi Mick
Saw the CTW letter on the site. How did you know to post it on my birthday!? Many thanks. Will send ancient envelope scan as soon as possible. Really really enjoyed delving back into history (sic) both physically and educationally, ie: the Letter and your site content.
Best regards, Myke.

On Thu Jul 26 15:28:17 BST 2001, Scott Nussey (USA snussey@nefn.com) from said:

I have stumbled upon your website quite by accident. It is with great interest that I read your Letters of Anne Bronte. We have always been intrigued by our family connection through Ellen Nussey to the Bronte sisters, which surprisingly made my parents very popular during one of their many visits to England.

On Fri Jul 27 08:25:24 BST 2001, nafeel (jusfeel@263.net) from said:

I'm from china. I find your web from www.catpeopleuk.com I stay very long. I love the humors and your dog. And your songs is very childhood-dreamed. I love a band and hope you enjoy their songs. "Beyond"--I made a small web for it. http://jusfeel.126.com/

Greeting to you. :)

On Sat Oct 6 17:39:18 BST 2001, Mick Armitage (Canada mickarmitage@sympatico.ca) from said:

I have a band called The Mick Armitage Band I also develop land. You can check my website at www.clarendonpoint.com If you ever get to Canada. I live in Ottawa, Ontario. Good luck with your music and in all you do. Sincerely..Mick Armitage.

On Sat Oct 6 22:10:35 BST 2001, Mary Wynn (United States bittersigh@hotmail.com) from said:


Lovely Lydia isn't she?
too bold and selfish to set him free.
She took his soul and forebeared all shame
in the field of everlasting magenta flame
A forbidden kiss a shallow lie
Who mourned his lost
Did she hear him cry?
Kiss me once - oh kiss me again
He had loved her to his dying end
The one he loved had let him down
Upon her... God has frowned
segmented soul in a wooden crate
On to her... he will wait
Deadly rays of passion hue
she scorned him well
but his love still holds true

Nemoubliez pass
Mary Virginia Wynn

Thanks for the poem, Mary - I've put a copy of it in my 'Anne Bronte' site Guest Book!   . . . Mick.

On Thu Dec 27 08:21:40 GMT 2001, stuart m jackson (england. stuart.jackson@sx3.com) from said:

good morning Mike. it is some time since i last e-mailed you, just after i found out about the ctw site you run. among many others i am struggling to come to terms with the passing of clifford, especially after opening one of the gifts from my wife on christmas morning. she had purchased a copy of 'bittersweet' as a gift prior to cliffords death. this just about brings my collection upto date now, a collection that started some 30 years ago almost. even among all the joy of christmas, with our children and grandchildren around us, my heart suddenly felt like lead. i immediately thought about pat and the children, and of how they must be feeling. the irony of life, and of how clifford himself put down such feelings in more than a few of his songs. the gift he leaves us all is amazing. i know that whenever i visit memory's gate, clifford and his songs will be there to sooth, lift, make me think deeply, make me laugh, and just enjoy. and now for him; a moments rest upon the wings of time?

take care,


On Sun Jan 13 22:00:50 GMT 2002, Pat Jordan (Ireland ( patrickjordan@eircom.net )) from said:

Hello Mike,

Just a short note to thank you for keeping everyone updated on the events of the last month. Many people including myself would have been starved of information regarding Cliff's passing. On a lighter note I found it very interesting about the floods. It's a great read.

Pat J.

On Thu Feb 21 14:36:07 GMT 2002, Kathryn Reaney (Sheffield, UK: kathryn.reaney@granadamedia.com) from said:

I am researching a feature on the Sheffield flood and would be interested to hear from any descendents of those who died in, or survived the flood. I would be grateful if you would contact me if you can help.

with thanks

Kathryn Reaney

On Sun Jun 9 03:17:18 BST 2002, Claire (hahu56@yahoo.com) from said:

I find you, precisely, your page, while I am looking for some materials about Anne Bronte. Thank you for collecting and writing so many things about her. And I have just visited your gallery. I like your drawing, especially the one made after school. I have also looked at your pets¡¯ photos. Their names are very special. I have a dog too, named zhuzhu in Chinese. In English the name means piggy. Best Wishes!

On Wed Jul 31 18:55:21 BST 2002, Nigel Rodgers (England - nigel@nrodgers.fsbusiness.co.uk) from said:

You never said you had a web site! Brilliant.

On Mon Aug 19 16:45:16 BST 2002, Melvin Walker (England. tankerspice@aol.com) from said:

My first visit to you, we all knew Cliff's music but it was the one and only Terry Wogan who brought it all home after the sad events of the great man's death. I am now an avid listener to Cliff's music and will endeavour to find out more about his life and work.

On Mon Aug 19 22:51:58 BST 2002, S Boyle (Bahamas, birdmail41@yahoo.com) from said:

Mick, I have two words for you! Marry Me!!! S. xx

On Wed Oct 9 15:34:53 BST 2002, Mark Smith (1st year @ sheff (pma02mjs@shef.ac.uk)) from said:

Nice work, I like the counter @ the bottom of the page - nice touch, bet many have been fooled by the GIF image... :o)

On Sun Nov 3 17:42:39 GMT 2002, Pete Birks 01283 760265 (Derbyshire) from said:

Hi Mick, Great taste in music!!!. I run a Rock/Blues club near Tamworth and would like to contact James Davey for a tribute set to Cliff. Steve Gibbons, Trevor Burton (The Move),The Animals. Stawbs etc. play the Club. If you could help me to contact james I would be forever grateful. Best wishes, Pete 01283 760265

Pete: If you return to the 'main page' of my CTW site, so far down you will see a link marked 'CTW-Related Contacts'. Follow that link, and you will find James' contact details. Regards, Mick.

On Sun Nov 3 20:32:48 GMT 2002, JAMES MORRISON (UK MORRISON506@AOL.COM) from


On Sat Apr 5 06:05:52 BST 2003, Ken Bowskill (kaybee@ihug.co.nz) from said:

Followed a link from the Sheffild flood site. Have sent you an e. regarding the Robin Hood pub in Little Matlock. Hope you can help Ken

On Sat Sep 27 19:06:17 BST 2003, Geoff Ellis (elliboss@aol.com) from said:

Fantastic site was just browsing got well into it

On Mon Oct 6 23:20:30 BST 2003, carol sanderson (usa ojjms420@aol.com) from said:

On Wed Oct 22 23:49:53 BST 2003, kathy (England; kathyahassall@yahoo.co.uk) from said:

thankyou, i've been trying to find lyrics to home thoughts from abroad for years

On Fri Oct 31 16:58:08 GMT 2003, Phil Parkin (England phil@verymuchso.co.uk) from said:

Mick, brilliant flood info. Please get in touch regarding my email request. Many thanks, Phil

On Sat Feb 14 12:12:18 GMT 2004, Ben Owen (benl.owen@virgin.com) from said:

One of the greatest without doubt.

Why thanks, Ben - very nice of you to say so! (though somehow I think you've been looking at my 'Clifford T Ward', or 'Anne Bronte', site, and are referring to one of those two characters!!!   ;^)  )     .   .   .   Mick.

On Sun Mar 21 20:11:37 GMT 2004, Chris Malkin (Staffs England (chrismalkin@hotmail.com)) from said:

Found you via the "Time Team" page. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this, fantastic and very interesting.

You obviously refer to my 'Sheffield Flood' site, Chris - thanks for your comments . . . Mick.

On Sun Mar 28 22:33:16 BST 2004, Karis, Emma & Ste (info@thisisfakediy.com) from said:

Mick, you are a legend. We salute you. We'd love to hear any new songs you've recorded.

Lots of love from Leeds (and Devon). x

P.S. Please comment. It will make our lives.

Hi: Thanks for your lovely comments. All the songs I wrote/recorded were done quite a few years ago. I have pretty much given up on music now! . . . many regards, Mick.

On Fri Aug 20 17:35:09 BST 2004, Monika, Natalie and Sophie (The Netherlands, monika_park@planet.nl) from said:

Great website, Mick, the girls just love the music samples and cannot believe it's really the Mick they met in Scarborough; we're very impressed!!! :-) Oh, and the alien voices in particular caught their fancy of course, although they think they're listening to speaking mice!!

Keep up the good work,

lots of love from all of us xxx

On Sat Nov 27 16:08:11 GMT 2004, john butcher (england emr1967@aol.com) from said:

i just want to say how good your website is. i also like your other website about the bronte sisters.

Thanks, John.   . . . Mick.

On Mon Feb 21 12:13:55 GMT 2005, ssambwa Costantine (ssamcone9@yahoo.com. ) from said:

It's lovely and i would like to know more.

On Mon Mar 21 09:45:42 GMT 2005, Anita Staniforth (Anita.Staniforth@shu.ac.uk) said:

i have to say your website is the most informative and exciting piece i have read about the flood! it brings it to life! i am fascinated by the flood itself and cannot believe that most Sheffielders dont even know about it! equally amazing is there isnt a memorial to those who lost their lives, incredible! thankyou for such a detailed and fascinating website! cant begin to think how long this has taken you..............


On Mon Mar 28 18:26:30 GMT 2005, Elizabeth Pears (England: elasterplaster@aol.com) said:

Your website on the Sheffield Flood is excellent. My grandfather's uncle was a victim but I did not know much about the flood until I read your piece. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into it.

On Wed Aug 10 05:12:44 BST 2005, Janice Mather (Arkansas, USA) from said:

Will be visiting Bronte's Yorkshire at the end of Aug., 2005. Thanks for all the information and pictures.

On Thu Feb 16 2006 @ 14:15, Glen Taylor (Location:  N/A | Email:  N/A) said:

Very good web site. I was looking for info on the Flood in Sheffield as my Great, Great, Great Grandfather Thomas Cavill put a claim in for loss of earning for 1 day £1.1s.
Many Thanks

On Sat April 29 2006 @ 13:57, Tigger556564 (Location:  Doncaster, UK | Email:  N/A) said:

Have just found your website whilst looking for the origin of name Olivers Mount havent found it yet as am enjoying your writings and photographs so much am loath to leave without reading everything .
Thank you for allowing me to access it and bring back many happy memories spent in Scarborough. I live in Doncaster so all places menioned are very familiar to me.

On Tue May 02 2006 @ 09:35, Margaret Gill (Location: Sth. Fremantle, West Australia | Email: gillmarg@iinet.net.au) said:

Dear Mick,

I found your wonderful site with the information about Anne Bronte when looking for my ancestors. My great grandmother Maria Kirby was born in Little Ouseburn. I knew nothing about this village until I found your site. I am also a Bronte fan and of course now have even more reasons to want to visit Yorkshire once more. I was born near Leeds and, as a young girl, I emigrated with my parents to Australia in 1950. I have wonderful memories of my childhood and our annual visits to Scarborough. I visited four years ago and made my first pilgrimage to Haworth, so next time it will be to Little Ouseburn and Thorp Green but first I will re read Agnes Grey. Many thanks for giving me so much pleasure.

Margaret, South Fremantle, West Australia

On Fri Aug 04 2006 @ 15:57, Graham Moxon (Location: Sheffield, England | Email: gmoxon@ryecroft21.fsnet.co.uk) said:


On Sat Sept 23 2006 @ 23:28, Mick Armitage (Location: Ottawa, Canada | Email: mickarmitage@sympatico.ca) said:

We will be performing at The Blue Gardenia in Brittas on the 19th and 20th. Is there any chance you could attend? It would be great to meet you and to have you do a few tunes with us.
Let me know what you think.

Sincerely...Mick Armitage
www.mickarmitageband.com Ottawa, Canada.

On Wed May 09 2007 @ 19:53, Ted O'Neil (Location: Dublin, Ireland | Email: teddyoneill@iolfree.ie) said:

On Thu Jun 26 2007 @ 20:10, Catherine Cooper (Location: Not Given | Email: cadidore@hotmail.com) said:

On Sun Jun 29 2007 @ 16:38, Andrew Spurr (Location: Sheffield | Email: ASpurr@spurrs.co.uk) said:

On Mon Jul 23 2007 @ 15:00, Catherine Cowan (Location: Sydney, Australia | Email: ccow0931@bigpond.net.au) said:

On Fri Feb 20 2009 @ 10:13, Philippa Barnes (Location: | Email: philippa.barnes1@ntlworld.com) said:

On Thur Nov 11 2009 @ 17:39, Ed Beach (Location: Oklahoma, USA | Email: ebeach35@suddenlink.net) said:

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