MP3 Clips
The audio 'MP3' clips (.mp3 files) downloadable from this site are recorded in 'stereo' at 160kbps. ('CD Quality').
Most computer 'Audio Players' will play MP3 files, but if do not have such a 'player' installed, here are two you can easily download for free from the net:

'REAL PLAYER':   (Search around their page - you'll see the link to 'download the free player'.)


Do please inform me of your interest in these 'MP3' files, as the responses I receive will determine any future modifications/additions I may make.

N.B: The full versions of all these songs ARE available on CD. For full details, return to the 'main page', then follow the link 'Available Merchandise (and how to get it)'. Or you can e-mail me at

Downloading the 'MP3' files

You will see this icon near the bottom of each relevant 'song - page': it forms the link to the 'MP3' file.
  •    To download & play - merely point to the icon and click the left mouse button.
  •  N.B: If the clip does not play, or not play smoothly by this method, download it first to your hard disk (see step below) then play it from there. 

  •    To download & save - point to the icon, click the right mouse button, then select 'Save Target As . . . '. (or 'Save Link As . . . ' if using Netscape)
  •  Happy listening!

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