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This song was first recorded on Cliff's 'Laugh It Off' album in 1992. It re-appeared on his 'Julia And Other New Stories' album in 1995 with the reverb (echo) removed from his voice - an improvement in my opinion. Cliff wrote the song shortly after he was diagnosed as suffering from MS, and notes on the reverse side of the 'Laugh It Off' album sleeve reveal that, at that time, he felt he was experiencing the same sense of abandonment Jesus felt as he died on the cross - and this forms the theme of the song. Despite its extreme melancholy tone - some people rate this one of his best ever songs.


I don't mind eternity
Now I've seen you alright
I can face forever
I'm sick of the light
And the lyin' and the cheatin'
I'm a fool and I'm bleedin'
Let me bleed.

I don't mind uncertainty
I've been certain enough
But I don't need adversity
I've had more than enough
You will not laugh and watch me cryin'
You will not spit in my face again
I don't need you when I'm dyin'
You will not cut me down.

There's no answer to my prayer
And still I know you're there
How can I forget?
How can you forget?

I can face eternity
Maybe I'll get some peace
Send me all uncertainty
I'm ending this lease
There's a thinking you call wishful
There's a God you call mine
There's a suffering you don't wish for
And it's all water . . . .

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