This Was Our Love
Clifford T Ward

1)  Wait A Minute You Fool
2)  Sympathy
3)  The Gloria Bosom Show
4)  Sylvie
5)  Not To Mention Her Smile
6)  Lady With The Book In Her Hand
7)  Got To Get Into Your Way Of Life
8)  Discernible
9)  Always Think About You
10) It's Better To Believe
11) Realisation
12) Session Singer
13) Sidetrack
14) Jesus Of Long Ago
15) Maybe I'm Right
16) This Was Our Love
17) Mad About You
18) Climate Of Her Favour
19) Contrary
20) Lost Again
21) Up In The World

Cherry Red Records

All songs written by Clifford T. Ward
All Vocals: Clifford T. Ward

Tracks 1 - 12: Original recordings by Leon Tipler

Musicians: Clifford T. Ward, Rodney Simmonds, John Dunsterville, Steve Darrington, Peter Hague, David Paramor, Nicky Urquart, John Mitchell.

Tracks 13 - 21:

Musicians: Clifford T. Ward, Mark Tibenham, Ken Wright, Bev Pegg, Derek Thomas, John Mealing, Pete King, Terry Edwards, Keith Smart.

Orchestra arranged by Richard Hewson.

Compiled by: David Virr, Pat Ward & David Johnson

Mixed from the original multi-tracks by David Johnson, these are superior versions of selected tracks that appeared on the now deleted Clifford T. Ward albums, Bittersweet, The Ways of Love, and Hidden Treasures.


My comments:

On the same lines as the previous, 'Anthology' album, this is essentially a compilation of tracks from Hidden Treasures, Bittersweet and The Ways of Love (which, for the most part, were an assemblage of demo recordings taken from several old tapes found in Cliff's garage); and these mixed with several of Cliff's classics - such as 'Lost Again', 'Up In The World', 'Climate of Her Favour' and 'Contrary'; along with a few true "rarities" such as 'Maybe I'm Right' and 'Jesus of Long Ago' thrown in to complete the mix. The one striking difference with this album is the greatly improved sound quality of many tracks compared to the versions that appeared on the earlier CDs. The 'classics' appear on CD for the first time taken directly from the master tapes, and all other tracks have been re-mastered by sound genius Dave Johnson - the guy who did such an impressive job with the re-released Both Of Us album.

I don't feel there's much else can be said about this CD: it's a nice collection of songs - and all very well presented - particularly considering the condition of some of the source material used.

A superb set of notes by the CTW Fanzine founder Clive Winstanley, adorn the case insert and complete the package.

Marks: 7 out of 10.

Copyright © 2003 Michael Armitage

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