Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 'Waves'  Reader's Choice  (Fanzine survey results

1 Home Thoughts From Abroad
2 Up In The World
3 A Day To Myself
4 The Way Of Love
5 Ocean Of Love
6 Gaye
7 The Traveller
8 Wherewithal
9 The Best Is Yet To Come
10  A Sad Affair
11 Moonlight
12 Tea Cosy
13 Time, The Magician
14 Where Do Angels Really Come From? 
15 Still Not Free
16 Someone I Know
17 Not Waving, Drowning
18 All Modern Conveniences
19 A Song For Susan
20 Marron's Glance

(The above chart, and accompanying article (below) are re-produced from 'Waves' - The Clifford T Ward Fanzine - by kind permission of Clive Winstanley.)


It's interesting that devoted fans of Clifford T. Ward's music seem to share the popular opinion about Clifford's best two tracks. "Up In The World" and "Home Thoughts" won a landslide victory. With the very last ballot paper I opened bringing about a narrow victory for the latter. For a long time it seemed as though these two songs would be joint winners. There are a few equal placings in the lower reaches of the Top Forty but The Top Twenty ranked themselves very handily. Over forty different songs received votes and those which so nearly made the Top 20 include "To An Air Hostess", "Who Cares", "Stains", "Heaven" and "They Must Think Me A Fool". Astoundingly, although it did receive some votes, "Water" didn't even come close to the Top 20. I expected this harrowing song to do much better. Likewise, I thought "The Best Is Yet To Come" would be Top 5 at the very least. The success of "Ocean Of Love" and "The Way of Love" was a turn-up for the books, coming from relatively unfashionable albums, and I hadn't expected so much support for "Moonlight". Unsurprisingly, "Home Thoughts" was the album from which the largest selection of songs received votes. No songs from the "Singer Songwriter" LP received any votes at all - the only album to be accorded this dubious honour. I thought "Coathanger" might have sneaked the odd vote. Nothing from "Sometime Next Year" made The Top 20 but it's heavily represented in the 21 - 30 region. Perhaps next issue I'll list all the songs that received at least one vote and print a full Top 40, but there's a danger of doing a Peter Snow with this feature and analysing the thing to death! I hope you find the chart interesting and that you're not too disappointed if your own selections didn't receive wide enough support to figure in the Top 20. Thanks again to all who voted. I had great fun doing this feature.

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