Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 Stuart Jackson
's Selection

1 Lost Again
2 Climate of Her Favour
3 Someone I Know
4 Scullery
5 Home Thoughts from Abroad
6 For Debbie and Her Friends
7 Both of Us
8 Before The World Was Round
9 Still Not Free
10  Waiting For The Guarda
11 Contrary
12 The Cause is Good
13 When I Found You
14 Up In The World
15 Moonlight
16 If I Had Known
17 Water
18 Taking The Long Way Round
19 Screen Test
20 A Day To Myself

That was very difficult, and as said before by others, tomorrow would probably see some changes, as would the day after etc, etc. Clifford T Ward created music that matched moods, and each day brings changes of moods. Had Clifford been a painter he would have been a Michael Angelo, a poet he would have been a Shelley or Gibran, a Sculpter he would have been a Rodin. He was none of these however, he was himself, Clifford T Ward, songwriter and troubadour. A weaver of dreams, a man of passions, a memory for us all to cherish.

Stuart Jackson

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