Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 Pui Ming Wong's

1 Tea Cosy
2 Nothing New
3 Waves(Part2)/Witches and Ghosts
4 Home Thoughts
5 Wherewithal
6 Still Not Free
7 A Day to Myself
8 The Way of Love
9 Gentle
10  Up In The World
11 The Best Is Yet To Come
12 Miner
13 Messenger
14 Moonlight
15 Gaye
16 Marron's Glance
17 Contrary
18 For Emily
19 Both of Us
20 A Sad Affair

Again, like Mick said, my choice above 'is correct at the time of going to press' as they are bound to be different the next time i think about it. Well, at least this gives me a chance to say something about some (to save time i just talk about the top 3) of my favourite Cliff's songs.

Tea Cosy - my favourite from Mantle Pieces, the album i listened to most in 1974. It's must be the 'warmest' song i've heard in my life. The special charm of this song lies in the strings arrangement (Richard Hewson had been great in most of Cliff's albums), particularly the 'sax' (?) chorus plus the human voices near the end.

Nothing New - from one of the Cliff's weakest (comparatively speaking) albums 'New England Days', came this subtly beautiful song. Cliff's singing on this song had never been better. I particularly like the 'strings chorus' in the middle. This time it was done with a very light feel (orchestral arrangement, if not taken care of, can be too syrupy or over-produced) which is just 'right' for this song and gives it such a 'poetic' atmosphere.

Witches and Ghosts (plus Waves part 2) Though they are 2 separate songs but actually Waves part 2 could be regarded as the continuation of 'Witches and Ghosts'. Cliff's style on this was rather different from his usual songs. Rather jazzy and i love the instrumental (the jamming of the piano, slide and acoustic guitars really caught my breath) which comprises most of this song. The melody, though not hummable, is haunting and it grew on me the more i listened to it. Brilliant !

Pui Ming Wong (Hong Kong)

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