Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
Peter Richards'

1 Up In The World (single version)
2 Contrary
3 Climate Of Her Favour
4 Gaye
5 The Best Is Yet To Come
6 Home Thoughts From Abroad
7 Julia
8 Jackdaw
9 Water
10  Still Not Free
11 Not Waving - Drowning
12 Lost Again
13 Discernible
14 Fast Sinking
15 Where Would That Leave Me
16 Jigsaw Girl
17 Time The Magician
18 We Could Be Talking
19 Where's It Going To End?
20 To An Air Hostess

I'm old enough to remember enjoying Clifford's only popular hit single 'Gaye' in the '70's but its only over the past year that I've discovered the incredible goldmine of his compositions and performances via this fantastic website. In this relatively short period of time I've immersed myself in listening with increasing astonishment at Cliff's wonderful CD's. In common with some of the other fans comments I could easily swop several of my selection with other of his magical songs - I've had about a dozen second thoughts and juggled with at least another 10 songs not on the list before I finally called a halt in panic!

Peter Richards, (UK), June 2003.

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