Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 Niels Ravn's

1 Sometime Next Year
2 Wherewithal
3 Who Cares
4 Home Thoughts From Abroad
5 Someone I Know
6 Gaye
7 We Could Be Talking
8 Jackdaw
9 Up In The World
10  Scullery
11 Where Would That Lead Me? 
12 Prams
13 Turbo
14 Are You Really Interested
15 Stains
16 Moonlight
17 Sweetness And Light
18 Jigsaw Girl
19 Cricket
20 Computer

It's very hard to choose 20 songs. One of my favourite albums is - Sometime Next Year - I specially like his melodies on that album, and you can hear that he is a composer with a great routine. The year 1986 is a special year to me, maybe that's why I like the album. But if I should mention some of the songs which nearly made it : Maybe I'm Right - Where Do Angels Really Come From? - A Sad Cliché - End of Time Tonight - Last Train Tonight - Lost In The Flow of Your Love - I Don't Understand Your Logic - A Day To Myself - To An Air Hostess - A Sad Affair - Still Not Free - Nightingale - The Dubious Circus Company - Lost Again - The Open University - The Way of Love and The Best is Yet To Come. All these songs are on my list as 21 - side by side.

Bye for now, Niels. (Denmark)

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