Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 Mick Armitage's

1 Lost Again
2 We Could Be Talking
3 Gaye
4 Wherewithal
5 Ocean Of Love
6 The Traveller
7 Home Thoughts From Abroad
8 The Best Is Yet To Come
9 Tomorrow Night
10  Moonlight
11 Still Not Free
12 Who Cares
13 Turbo
14 Where Would That Leave Me
15 Up In The World
16 Where Do Angels Really Come From? 
17 Scullery
18 Not Waving, Drowning
19 Cricket
20 Jigsaw Girl

Wow! what a nightmare selecting 20 songs from the abundance of classics Cliff has produced over the years: but here they are. Some of my preferences may change from time-to-time, but this list is 'correct at the time of going to press', as they say: considerably different from the 'Waves Fanzine' survey result, as you can see. For many years, We Could Be Talking, was my 'number 1'. I always marvel at how beautifully this song is sung and performed: one word always enters my head whenever I listen to it - 'absolute perfection' (yes, I know that's two!). As Lost Again never appeared on any of Cliff's albums, I only heard it for the first time a few years ago - It floored me instantly: now, nothing will move that from my 'number 1 spot'. All the following songs put up a strong challenge to obtain a place in my 'Top 20 chart': A Day To Myself, A Song For Susan, Someone I Know, Contrary, Messenger, Watchin' The T/V News, Stains, Laugh It Off, Home, Water, For Debbie and Her Friends, Screen Test, Cold Wind Blowing, If I Had Known, Easy Baby, Secretary, Julia (preferably the 'Studio Tape' version), The Dubious Circus Company, Coathanger, Rayne, A Dream, The Way of Love, No More Rock 'n' Roll, Maybe I'm Right, Prams, Sometime Next Year, Heaven Lend a Hand, That's the Way Our Love Goes, Time - The Magician, April and Jackdaw: There were many others not far behind!

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