Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 Michael Lin's

1 The Way Of Love
2 The Best Is Yet To Come
3 Up In The World
4 Scullery
5 Heaven
6 Stains
7 Not Waving - Drowning
8 Lost Again
9 Home Thoughts From Abroad
10  Wherewithal
11 Gaye
12 A Song For Susan
13 Sometime Next Year
14 Still Not Free
15 Escalator
16 Where Do Angels Really Come From?
17 No More Rock & Roll
18 A Day To Myself
19 Jigsaw Girl
20 End Of Time Tonight

After listening to all the CTW songs, it is my pleasure to share with you my top 20. It was really a nightmare doing this as you said.

In Hong Kong, Cliff was never as popular as in England & Europe. His records were rarities and not easy to find. In the seventies, I only managed to find 'Home Thoughts', 'Mantlepieces', 'Escalator' and 'New England Days' (1977) and have been listening to them for the following 15 years until 1992 when I came across 'Gaye & Other Stories' CD in the local store. I learned about his illness from the inner notes.

Early this year, by accident, I found my way to the Clifford T. Ward web page. I eventually got a complete set of Cliff's work. Since the span between the vinyls I bought in the 70's and all the other CDs I purchased this year is so long, I have tried to balance my views on both the 'old' & 'new' songs and came up with this top 20 which I think is a good representation of my favourites at this moment.

The Way Of Love' is my all-time favourite... after so many years. It has faced strong challenges from 'The Best Is Yet To Come' & 'Up In The World', but for now it is still at the top. One thing I must admit is that all the above songs are very durable compositions. Regardless how many times I've listened to them, they still present that sense of freshness, depth, comfort, excitement & complacency to me.

Thanks & Regards,

Michael Lin

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