Clifford T Ward - Top 20 
 Michael Mounter's

1 Wayward
2 A Day To Myself
3 Home Thoughts From Abroad
4 Tea Cosy
5 Are You Really Interested?
6 We Could Be Talking
7 The Way Of Love
8 All Modern Conveniences
9 Wherewithal
10  Cold Wind Blowing
11 Give Me One More Chance
12 The Best is Yet to Come
13 Not Waving, Drowning
14 Turbo
15 Jigsaw Girl
16 The Traveller
17 Time, The Magician
18 Gaye
19 Where's It Going To End?
20 Scullery

i see from other people's list that there are many songs of cliff's that still await me...these are my favourite from what i now see is a limited catalogue...cliff's music effects me in a way that no others can. i'm only 28 years old and have been listening to his music for the past 8 years. thank you

Michael Mounter

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